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September 2012


September 2012 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Active Measures Getting Off the Ground: Spacer Hill J.E. Geoffrey
Critics’ Corner 21 Plots Too kafka
Supplement 5-6: The Vehicle Handbook Jeff Zeitlin
Raconteurs Rest Funny Fish: A Most Unfortunate War (Part 2) Andrea Vallance
The Old Scout: In the Pawn Shop Jeffrey Schwartz
In A Store Near You The Showroom: M-9b Crocodile Grav IFV Scott Diamond
NHR 7000 Autonomous Low Berth Robot Ewan Quibell
The Shipyard Mongoose Traveller Designs: Earth Alliance Survey Shuttle Richard Page

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From the Editor

When someone you’ve heard of dies, it’s news. You note it and go on. When someone who you consider part of your circle dies, it hits home, in the way that another death doesn’t.

In August, the Traveller community lost one of its own. Andrew Boulton, administrator on the Citizens of the Imperium forums, mainstay of the Traveller community, and top-flight Traveller artist, died on August 11. Andrew was known to suffer from several chronic conditions, but he kept the details to himself, and did not let them stop him from contributing to the Traveller community in as many ways as he could.

In addition to administering the Citizens forums, Andrew was an avid participant there and on various other Traveller communities, diving into various arguments with passion and enthusiasm, but always remaining a gentleman, and arguing with logic and (where he could) concrete facts. Because of that, he was asked early on to participate in development and testing of Traveller 5, and Marc Miller has said that that game has been made better by his participation.

Andrew also worked to put out the Traveller Calendar, annually, since 2007. That calendar, with each month sporting a piece of Traveller art contributed by community members, was sold to that same community, with the proceeds going to worthy charities. It is to be devoutly hoped that someone can and will take up the banner, and continue this effort.

While encouraging the community to create artwork, Andrew never trumpeted his own efforts—and yet those efforts set a standard that others try to match. Andrew did four of Freelance Traveller’s covers—but, according to some of our artists, his work was an inspiration and goal for many more.

Rest in Peace, Andrew. You will be missed.