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The Traveller, Part III

"Okay," Melissa sighed. She, Harrison, and Zacc were gathered in her stateroom, discussing the situation at hand and planning their actions. "So the question is why didn't we find out about Devin earlier? Didn't you certify all of the tickets, Tom?"

Harrison replied, "I know, but... I can't explain it. He just seemed like he belonged, somehow."

"But that still doesn't explain why we overlooked him for two weeks," Melissa said.

"Yeah, Tom," Zacc said, "You said yourself that he was the strangest person you'd ever met."

"He was," Harrison said defensively, "It just didn't occur to me that something was wrong."

"So how'd it occur to you yesterday?" Zacc said.

"I don't know," Harrison said, "I just remembered seeing something on my computer a few hours before. But, anyway, it doesn't matter. We have a stowaway, so let's figure out what to do."

"Agreed," Melissa replied, "And tradition demands spacing."

"Don't you think that's a little harsh?" Zacc said.

"Tradition demands spacing," Melissa said firmly.

"Come on, Captain," Harrison said. He meant to say more, but Melissa cut him off.

"That's exactly right, Fourth-Officer Harrison," she said, "I am the captain, and you'll do as I say!"

A shiver ran up Harrison's spine. He'd never seen Melissa like this. He knew that she was traditional, but she was scaring him now. "This is crazy!" he said with as much strength as he could muster.

Melissa looked furious. "One more word out of you, either of you, and I'll consider it mutiny." she said, clenching her teeth. "The punishment for mutiny is spacing. Understood?"

Harrison was silent for a long time after he left the room.

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