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The Traveller, Part II

It was the fifteenth day since the ship had left Carse. By now, everyone was tired, and more than a little jump-sick. Harrison had found time to read his favorite novel twice. Melissa seemed to be wearing a different outfit every ninety minutes, and Zacc busied himself playing video games on his stateroom's computer. The Sword Worlder called one of the crew every two hours just to talk to another human being. The couple was now in separate staterooms due to loud arguments. Devin seemed unchanged, though. He kept to himself, as usual.

The sixteenth day brought about a discovery. Harrison was almost asleep when he remembered something that he had seen only one or two hours ago. It had something to do with the passenger list. He forced himself off his bed and sat at his computer. "Computer, passenger list," he said.

"That information is classified," the computer said through its speakers, "Please give valid name and clearance code."

"Thomas Christian Harrison, clearance fourteen beta."

"Unknown name and/or clearance code," the computer droned, "Please give valid name and clearance code."

Harrison repeated himself. The computer refused it. Frustrated, he tried again, but to no avail. He paged Melissa's comm.

"Yes?" she answered enthusiastically. She seemed to be glad to hear from him.

Harrison replied, "My computer's not accepting my clearance code."

"You're still new. Maybe it hasn't been registered yet."

"It's been registered. I used it just the other day," Harrison said, "Anyway, could you look something up for me?"

"Sure. What?" Melissa responded.

"I need you to check the passenger list," Harrison said, "Check for a man named Devin. I think we may have ourselves a stowaway."

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