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Ship's Locker

The Ship's Locker is a part of every starship in every version of Traveller, but it's never quite been defined exactly what it is or why.

We define it as follows:

The Ship's Locker is the storage area that just ... collects stuff. Stuff that a crew member thinks might be useful. Someday. Maybe. Stuff that nobody can think of a use for, but which can't be totally useless. Stuff that nobody quite remembers what they were thinking when they bought it. Stuff that used to be useful, but is broken now, and was just tossed in the Locker until someone remembers to clean the Locker out and toss out all that junk. Stuff.

Note: The really, definitely useful stuff that's kept properly stocked for repairs and maintenance is kept in other lockers - the engineering locker, the avionics locker, the EVA locker, the bridge locker, and so on. Those lockers might collect stuff, too, but not as much, and not nearly as eclectic a collection.  The Ship's Locker is for all the rest of the stuff.

Anyone is welcome to send Freelance Traveller an idea for more stuff that might be found here.  If we like it, we'll enter it on this page.

Tank Adapter Set (Incomplete)

This is one of the three winners from Freelance Traveller Contest #2008-03, Ship's Locker.

A collection of adapters for connecting tank fittings to tanks, when said fittings don't match.

This is an incomplete set, since someone bought the set to get the one adapter needed, and tossed the rest in the locker. Without the center unit, the adapters are usually fairly useless.

Climbing Kit (Incomplete, Damaged)

This is one of the three winners from Freelance Traveller Contest #2008-03, Ship's Locker.

More than half a spool originally 5000 meters of 3 mm macro coated molecular filament with fiber optic pair and three conductor strand included (2500 kilogram test).

Burned and kinked 159 meter length with a damaged harness at one end and a carabineer at the other.

Box of 9 carabineer clips and cable attachment fittings (labeled as a dozen pack).

Unopened box of 50 communications fittings for both fiber optic and conductors.

Motorized line crawler rated for 500 kg (no power cells).

Gardening Kit

This is one of the three winners from Freelance Traveller Contest #2008-03, Ship's Locker.

Sealed gas and liquid resistant box with 45 packets of seeds each about 50 grams; the labels are hand written in an essentially unreadable scrawl.

Vials and bottles of chemicals, also with handwritten labels; a few are decipherable, including (but not necessarily limited to) "Ammonium Nitrate 2kg" and "Iron Phosphate 1 kg".

Set of 4 gardening hand tools: a mini-sickle, a trowel, a cultivator, and a weeding point.