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Freelance Traveller Contest 2008-03: Ship's Locker

The Ship's Locker is a part of every starship in every version of Traveller, but it's never quite been defined exactly what it is or why.

For the purposes of this discussion, we define it as follows:

The Ship's Locker is the storage area that just ... collects stuff. Stuff that a crew member thinks might be useful. Someday. Maybe. Stuff that nobody can think of a use for, but which can't be totally useless. Stuff that nobody quite remembers what they were thinking when they bought it. Stuff that used to be useful, but is broken now, and was just tossed in the Locker until someone remembers to clean the Locker out and toss out all that junk. Stuff.

This contest is about ... stuff.

Describe some items that you might find in the Ship's Locker, as defined above - what they are, how they were intended to be used, why they might have been acquired or tossed into the Locker, how they might be used other than their original purpose.

There were three winners for this contest; they may be found here.

This contest was open to participants on any Traveller-related forum.