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Miip (Ley 0819) E999546-3 Ni 300 IU F1 V

Miip orbits a yellow-white main sequence star. The system has no belts and no gas giants. The starport is class E. The large, 1.125g mainworld is 90% covered in water and has a dense, tainted atmosphere. Population is about 30,000. The representative democratic government imposes a moderate law level of 6. Tech level is 3 (gunpowder and wagons). Miip is non-industrialised and it is designated an Imperial Ursa World.

Miip is an entry point into the Linkworlds cluster from the Reaching Arm, but most traffic goes to Kerin's Tyr instead since there is little reason to visit Miip.

Miip Downport is essentially a marked landing area. The adjacent village is populated by humans who will occasionally trade for a few minor luxuries but have little interest in offworlders. They will provide meals and lodging for a modest price, however.

Although Miip is 90% covered with water it is a very large world, so the other 10% provides plenty of land for the small population. The air is dense but breathable. It does, however, carry a taint in the form of radioactive dust particles which mandate simple filter masks as protection.

The weather is incredibly violent, especially in coastal areas. Travellers should beware of severe rainstorms, leading to flooded streams and mudslides in uneven areas. The rain is complemented by frequent lightning, since strong solar radiation ionises the atmosphere. The rainstorms can last for up to a week but this is rare. Strong winds also play across the planet's large and fairly flat surface. Many dwellings are built partly underground in consequence.

The planet's entire population of 30,000 live on one large island, part of a northern chain where the weather is less violent than the rest of the planet. Two thirds are human and one third Ursa. The humans are mostly lowland farmers and craftsmen with a pre-industrial society. The Ursa mostly live in the uplands, where they herd a hardy domestic quadruped and hunt game with rifled muskets.

Government is a system of village and town representatives who occasionally meet to settle larger issues. Law enforcement is informal. The Ursa and the humans get along, trading at times. The Ursa do not generally care to receive visitors in their upland homes, but some humans have befriended them at times and there are a few mixed villages.

The remainder of Miip is mostly unexplored. There are the usual rumours of ruins on distant islands, and a variety of hardy wildlife awaits the bold traveller. The reason for the radioactive taint is unknown – a nuclear bombardment in the distant past has been suggested.