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Michlin’s Guide to the Planets

Brought to you by Michlin Fuel Cells
“Plentiful Power, Portably”
a Sternmetal Horizons Company
“Keep your eye on the Horizon”


Welcome to Michlin’s Guide to the Planets! This guide will be of great use to you, the traveller, in your planetside excursions. We endeavor to provide insider information on local points of interest, accommodations, dining establishments, hazards, and of course all local Michlin Fuel Cell Stockists! Whereas some organizations, private organizations, provide travel information only to their members, we here at Michlin’s Guide provide our extensive research for the benefit of all travellers, completely free of charge. Find us at your local Michlin Fuel Cell Stockist!


Michlin’s Guide to the Planets is dedicated to the memory of Gregory Lee, whose Lee’s Guide proved so very helpful to travellers across Known Space. Although the Lee’s Guides are now gone, we wish to continue to provide a similar service in our own small way.


The Michlin Guide has no known affiliation or connection with the Michelin Guide or the Michelin Group or any of its subsidiary or affiliated companies. This section of Freelance Traveller, and the articles under it, are not intended to infringe upon, degrade, or otherwise devalue any of the aforenamed entities or products, or associated trademarks or service marks.

The sponsor statement for Michlin Fuel Cells originally appeared in the June/July 2017 issue of Freelance Traveller with different slogans, which we subsequently discovered were slogans used by the American Express Company and McDonald’s. We extend our apologies to both companies, and have changed the slogans used on this website.