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Kivu (Crucis Margin 2832) B784775-B S Ag Ri 620 G8V

Kivu is a pleasant Earth like world within jump of several other worlds. Three other worlds orbit the G8 class star. Kivu lies .9 AU’s from the star with an average surface temperature of 23.7 C.


There are five occupied orbits in the system with the mainworld Kivu occupying the fourth orbit. Kivu I Alpha (H200435-A) occupies the first orbit at .2 AUs. The population is largely made up of Imperial citizens who live and work at the Scout Base in doomed habitats with regularly scheduled shuttle service to the base. Kivu I Alpha has 3 moons orbiting it and is an airless rockball. The third orbit is Kivu I Beta, (X000000-0) which is an unoccupied planetoid belt. The farthest is Kivu I Delta at 1.2 Aus. Kivu I Delta (X000000-0) is also an uninhabited asteroid belt

A small human settlement was founded on the world before the onset of the Long Night. After the end of the Long Night Kivu received a large number of human colonists attracted by work in the agricultural sector. The inhabitants are clustered around several large cities. The central areas of the cities are interconnected to centralized living and work quarters. Monorails serve to transport the people from their business to home. A number of Vilani colonists came with the second wave of settlers and founded one of the two political entities on the world. The colonists were driven by the pleasant climate. The first leaders of that state were civil service bureaucrats who eventually became the governmental leaders over time. The Duursu Confederation grew over time to include three large cities with territory covering most of the planet. Khemkikuu, the largest city includes the planetary downport with shuttle service to the highport and the Scout base on Kivu I Alpha. Shuttle service is also provided to Silvestre town, the capital city of the second planetary state.

The second state Silvestre was founded by an energetic former Solomani businessman and eventually was continued by his family who lead the state with a firm hand. The two states are currently at peace, although centuries ago there were occasional wars along the borders. They signed a mutual nonaggression pact in 940. The Duursu Confederation currently has the larger military force including a SDB squadron, which is assigned to patrol the system. The Confederation purchased the Tech 10 SDBs from a naval architecture firm on the neighboring system of Kheri.

Silvestre City is the center of a number of durable goods and perfume factories owned by Silvestre Consortium, which was founded by Ivan Silvestre the leader of one of the first planetary colonies.

With the second group of colonists came an expedition of scientists backed by the Imperial Scout Service Exploration office and the Imperial Planetology Society. The Scouts established a large orbital base around the first planet, which has enabled them to study the Hiver worlds to trailing. The base employs a number of planetary firms for various duties such as food service and spare parts production. The large number of Hiver client worlds in the subsector was also a benefit to the bases location. Officials at the base neither confirm nor deny the existence of an Intelligence Branch operation at the base as well, which according to public rumor tracks Hiver ship, traffic in the surrounding area. The Scout base has recently seen a large number of Hiver ships leave the client states in the subsector, where they are headed to is anyone's guess. The base has seen a number of IISS Qasar class cruisers stop for repairs and shore leave while exploring other parts of the sector.

Silvestre and the Duursu Confederation are independent enough never to have considered applying for client state status when the Imperium is dozens of parsecs away. They are happy with the business that the Scout Base in the system provides and leave it alone.

Kivu exports a large number of raw and processed agricultural products to surrounding systems. Clients include the Hiver client worlds as well as the Mercantile Concord. Its pleasant climate and fertile soil have made it one of the most popular agricultural exporters in the subsector. A small percentage of exports include life plants like the Bukiilli shrub, which are used for medicinal purposes offworld.

Cultural notes

The Duursu Confederation has long required couples wanting a marriage license to wait one year before the ceremony, to under go genetic testing and attend a six-month marriage seminar. Citizens of Silverstre often wear an excessive amount of perfume.

It is rumored that a prince from the Empire of Olduvai is courting Karlina Silvestre, an executive vice president of Silvestre Constortium. The prince has been buying hundreds of acres of land near the polar region, some say to establish a lakefront resort.

In a few weeks, Cunliffe (a noted member of the Solomani Studies club of Kmmo-Im) and a group of Hivers from the Federation Development is rumored to be traveling to Kivu for a lecture series

Silvestre Constortium is rumored to have contracted with Ling Standard Products for a mineral survey of the asteroid fields. The Duursu Confederation is working on a survey of their own.