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Adukgin 0722 B434431-A Ni 704 I A1 V

Adukgin orbits a very hot, white, main sequence star along with four gas giants and several other rockballs. It's not a particularly attractive world – it's dry, with desert covering most of the surface and air that's too thin to breathe without a compressor mask. Temperatures swing between tolerable at the poles and "way too hot" everywhere else. Most inhabitants live somewhere near the south pole, which is surrounded by an ocean belt containing most of Adukgin's water.

The Adukgin system is the cluster's connection point for J2 traffic to spinward, so the starport sees a fair volume of traffic. It has a minor orbital component, mostly for shuttle transfers, but most of the action is at the downport near the south pole. The downport startown of 40,000 is also world capital, and home to more than half the 70,000 population. The remainder mostly live in communities of a few hundred spread around the south. The only other major population centre is Grand Mine, a highly automated mineral extraction facility with 3,000 residents.

Politically, the world is run by a committee of managers from various institutions who co-opt new members of their own choosing. Whilst there is a certain bias to family and friends, appointments are mostly meritocratic and so government has been efficient. The inhabitants lead a fairly pleasant TL10 lifestyle.

The world did merit a small naval presence thanks to its strategic location, but this has been dispatched elsewhere since the Solomani Rim War began. There are no armed forces as such, but the customs authority runs a few cutters.

From a spacefarer's point of view, Adukgin's star wildlife is a small, scaly, burrowing creature known as the Graddin. These like to burrow their way into settlements or sneak aboard starships before chewing cables (a Graddin delicacy) and laying eggs in awkward places. The Graddin's bite is toxic to humans.