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d’Orander’s FRI

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in Freelance Travellers June 2011 issue.

Found in many Type A, B or C starports, “d’Orander’s FRI” is a chain of smallish restaurants opened by former Jai-Alai great Torrey Luis d’Orander, and specializing in the humble potato. Some two dozen types are kept in stock, often supplemented by local varieties. Yams, sweet potatoes, and plantains are also included.

The vegetables are cut, fried, and served in several different fashions, and, if desired, with a bewildering number of different sauces. Baked potatoes, touted as more health-conscious, are served as well.

The French Fries are d’Orander’s ultimate specialization, and are said to be soaked in a proprietary flavor-enhancing mix, producing what are often called the finest fries in Human Space.

The restaurant also serves several dozen different entrees, each offered with some type of potato. One of the favorites is Koshari, a fast, inexpensive, meatless dish of rice, brown lentils, chickpeas, macaroni, and a topping of garlic, vinegar and a spicy tomato sauce. Fried onions are usually added as a garnish, and a bowl is commonly served with flat bread.

The only drinks served in d’Orander’s are water, Trevor’s Port, a flavorful little bottle of beer, pomegranate juice, and the ubiquitous Earth Cola.

Dessert items, not very surprisingly, include a number of deep fried items, from individual fruit pies and turnovers, to candy bars. The fried ice cream and the fresh fruit platter are quite popular.

The restaurant is decorated in dark woods with dark red walls and white-tiled floors. Each restaurant’s wall art includes display cases holding jerseys, helmets, xistera, and other Jai-Alai gear. The walls are dotted with dozens of both 2D and 3D images of players in action, including d’Orander at his best. On the wall of the hall leading to the restrooms is a garishly-framed, ancient print of dogs playing cards.