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What sort of campaign do you prefer to run, or to play in? Why? Within such a campaign, what sort of activities are the most fun or most interesting for you? Again, why?

“Leitz” answered in the August 2010 issue:

When the DM sets up a game I try to learn about the universe as they draw it. There are often interesting points or conflicts that get my attention, and I will take some character concepts and form them around aspects of that particular game. In the campaign I want my characters goals to be advanced and their story to be made enjoyable. The campaign is just a backdrop.

“kafka” answered in the August 2010 issue:

Multifaceted campaigns, I think work the best for running. A bit of everything – Trade & Profit, with Merc Ticket leading to an Exploration adventure. Thus far, I have been severely disappointed by SFRPGs in being able to deliver a decent adventure/campaign and Traveller in particular. I can take ideas from all from them all.

As I grew up with Dragonlance and similar modules in which campaigns were not entirely sandbox but also not entirely railroaded just gently guided. To date, I have found no SFRPG that does this adequately. I am a big fan of the purpose of those TSR products even as I would manipulate them to my heart’s content.

If were to be a player, I think, exploration is campaign style that best suits my nature – with a bit of room for gunplay. For me, Star Trek is both the best and worst example of what I like – but having said that I do not think Traveller should be reduced down to that one element. Where I have found an adventure that comes close to my ideal (that was not homebrew or modified) – was the old DGP/GDW adventure, Lords of Thunder.