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August 2010


August 2010 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Essay Question   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics' Corner Mongoose Traveller Book 7: Merchant Prince Jeff Zeitlin
Fifth Imperium #11: My Rules, Part Two: Expanded Ship Combat, v1.0 Shannon Appelcline
The Shipyard Imperial Naval Doctrine Kevin Walsh
Up Close and Personal Brigette Maelcum Ken Murphy
In A Store Near You Handle With Care: DX-1000 Tom Rux
Multimedia Gallery Starburst for Extreme Heroism Megan Robertson

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From the Editor

Well, it’s a little later than planned, but the August issue is finally in your hands. We’d like to apologize for the delay, and just note that it’s because the editor had some unexpected medical problems that resulted in a hospital stay of the better part of a week, during which we didn’t have any computer access at all, never mind net access. Things are better now, so we finally managed to put this issue together and post it.

At that, we didn’t get everything done that we wanted to. As of the release of this issue of the magazione, last month’s articles are still not up on the website; we’ll be working on that over the coming days.

When Freelance Traveller first came out in magazine form, we said we’d like to do some theme issues. Our hope for the first one didn’t work out—instead of an entire issue, we ended up just putting out a Special Supplement on Mercator (see the April 2010 issue). We’re going to try again, but this time, we’re going to let you know beforehand what the topic will be, and invite contributions of all types in connection with it. There’s no firm schedule for it, but we’d like to be able to “go to press” with a completed theme issue for the October issue. The theme we’ve chosen is “The Interstellar Cruise”. What we’d like is contributions of all types: articles about destinations, articles about the cruise starship (the 600-ton subsidized liner, perhaps?), personal profiles of the principal crew members that the passengers might come in contact with, images representing a “photo tour” of the starport and the ship (and maybe even of the destination), shipboard adventures or adventure seeds, … whatever you think would be of interest in connection with an interstellar cruise. Send them to the usual addresses.

TravellerCON in Lancaster, PA, is coming up in October, and the editor is tentatively planning to be there as a participant. We have to check on some scheduling issues before we can be sure, but given that it’s only a three-hour drive—or less—from New York City, our home, we’re not anticipating too much difficulty. It’ll be a chance for some of you to meet us (editorial plural; there’s only one person), and for us to meet you. Hope to see you there!