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The Brubek IRC 'bot

Brubek is the name of a host/bartender "bot" that can occasionally be found on the Undernet IRC channels #traveller and #gurps, and the Psionics IRC channel #lonestar. The name is taken from that of the chain of starport bars created by SJGames for the GURPS Traveller product line. The general concept is taken from the Callahan bartender "bot" from the Undernet IRC channel #callahans.

Most of Brubek's responses are triggered by phrases starting with his name. Others are triggered by certain actions, and a few are just random.

Meals and Drinks

Brubek recognizes four meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. He'll suggest something on request; just say "Brubek, ", followed by a phrase containing one of the meal words:

Once Brubek suggests a meal, you can have him serve it by saying:

(You can safely omit the "please".) If you don't like his suggestion, repeating the question will generate another (usually different) suggestion. Using this phrase will always get you some of whatever was last suggested.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can let Brubek serve you something, sight unseen, by adding the keyword for the meal you're interested in to the above statements:

Brubek will then select something from the appropriate menu and serve it.

You can ask for any drink you like - just say "Brubek, " followed by the drink you're interested in. Everything is always in stock:

You can also get foods or drinks not on the menu (which will always be expanding). If you omit the "please" from any of the statements above, and substitute what you want, Brubek will serve it to you:

Brubek will also respond to "Brubek, gimme ...", but that's not exactly polite, and Brubek will so indicate as he serves you.

Also, you can ask for food or drink indirectly, in an action - if Brubek detects an action such as "/me asks for fresh calamari" or "/me asks Brubek for hot chocolate", he will serve whatever was requested.

You can also establish a 'usual' drink. If you do this, you'll get that drink if you ask Brubek for "my usual" or "the usual".

To establish a usual,

followed by whatever your usual is to be. Brubek remembers your usual based on your wild-address (of the form *!*username@*domain), so you don't have to reset your usual if you change your nick - but you do have to reset it if you change providers or account names, or if reverse DNS doesn't work. Brubek will respond in a /msg "Usual for *!*username@*domain set to ..." and repeating the desired usual.

If you're feeling generous, you can buy a round for the house - just signal Brubek with a phrase containing the word 'round':

Brubek will then set up around for everyone, and indicate that it's courtesy of you.

You can also buy something for someone else:

You can omit "please".  This form can also be used to get someone else's usual for yourself, your usual for someone else, or one person's usual for another:

Brubek will recognize short forms of nicks of patrons who are in channel. For example, if a nick "FireFtr" is in channel, and you ask for "Fire's usual", or buy a drink for "Fire", Brubek will recognize this and expand it to FireFtr. If multiple nicks start with the supplied substring, Brubek will use the first one in the guest list. If you use a nick that's not in channel, Brubek will express confusion.

General Courtesy

While it's by no means required, Brubek responds to certain basic courtesies. If you say "Hi, Brubek" or "Hello, Brubek", Brubek will greet you in return. He will also respond appropriately to "Thank you, Brubek" or its equivalent in several languages. (If you spot an error in the response, or if you have to make an error to get him to respond, email editor@freelancetraveller.com with the correction. Also email with the correct information if you have a new language to add.) If you thank Brubek in an action (i.e., /me thanks Brubek), he will also respond appropriately, and if you tip him (/me tips Brubek), he will thank you.

Gaming Support Commands

Brubek will roll any number of dice with any number of sides.  Just say in channel

followed by the number of sides of each die you want to roll. For example, to roll two six-sided dice and a 20-sided die, you would say

(the numbers can be in any order). You can also add a fixed DM to the roll; just tell Brubek in the roll command:

will roll two six-siders and a 20-sider, then add 2 to the final roll.  The DM can be in the command after the word "roll"; the number immediately after it is presumed to be the desired DM, and can be negative (DM -3, for example).

Other Actions and Commands

If you tell Brubek to 'cleanup', he'll hand you a mop and suggest that you clean up your own mess. If, on the other hand, you ask him for a mop or a broom, he'll hand you one without comment.

At random intervals, Brubek may offer a random patron a refill. He'll also do occasional random things to clean up or otherwise make the atmosphere a little more pleasant. These actions are not influenced by anything you do.

If you send a message "help" to Brubek, he'll point you at this page.