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Kursis Charter

38. Fitting Out

Date: 227-993 to 258-993 Imperial.
Location: 069-526 System (0721).

They reached the shipyard at Fonnein Orbital about eleven days late, mostly thanks to the runaround and delays at Kerin's Tyr, and missed their booking. "I guess we shouldn't have traded at Adukgin after all", Luan shrugged.

But the yard cleared a slot after a few days, and work got started. The ship sat in the berth for an overhaul and systems check on Kursis's ticket. Sir David paid for a small (2 dton) fuel purifier that could turn assorted gloop into a full load of liquid hydrogen in about sixteen hours. And the phased array radar under the bow got a second set of transducers and a processor upgrade, for better discrimination in visible-opaque gas.

The Avaricious bought drinks for a few miners from the Sternmetal operation at the rockball world Estoril, learning the best places to shop for environment suits. They bought one more used suit to add to the two they'd taken off Malfeasant's dead crew, and had all of them adjusted and checked over.

They also picked up a couple of shock rods, like the ones Malfeasant had had ready. Nobody was quite sure what they were for, but they were cheap and Malfeasant had obviously thought they were important.

On the morning of 258-993 Avarice Rewarded came back from her test cruise around local space, and berthed in the yard for final checks. The SPA inspector gave her a clean bill of health. Stores and unrefined fuel came aboard. The fuel purifier ran a top up, and Sir David declared the ship ready for space in the log. First Officer Silea Crossflow concurred.

"Right, let's do it".

They headed out for jump to Kleister Beta, the far system's binary companion, and their planned rendezvous with the abandoned ship Vraidercalt.

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