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Kursis Charter

30. The Grand Theocratic Republic

Date: 188-993 Imperial.
Location: Kerin's Tyr (0620), main world, Star City.

Getting spaceport records from Star City was easy, the faithful of the Church of Stellar Divinity practically tripped over themselves helping the "noble starfarers". The paperwork - about two cubic meters of laser-etched silicate wafer - was dispatched back to Avarice Rewarded courtesy of the local postal system. The locals seemed quite happy to hand it over and forget it, provided it was them doing the handing over and not some central planetary authority.

Luan had arranged to demonstrate water purification gear to two local businesses. Leaving the off-world enclave was not quite so simple as getting the starport records, but they finessed it. The local businessmen found the equipment most efficient and possibly slightly holy.

The profit was better this time, they came out Cr33000 ahead of using the cargo space to haul freight. This was turning into a pretty good trip, which pleased Luan no end because as she said "I don't know if we'll get off Adukgin with a full hold".

Star City was disconcertingly clean and wholesome. Everybody had neat, sober clothes and hair. Nobody showed much skin. There was a definite surplus of politeness and deference in town. By the time they caught the shuttle back to Warne Highport, Silea and Fish were itching to escape. As soon as they got back they told Maelcum to take them to "one of his seedy dives" for the evening, leaving Luan and Sir David to mind the ship.

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