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Kursis Charter

8. All Systems Go

Date: 137-993 Imperial.
Location: Shanape system (1023), aboard the free trader Avarice Rewarded.

"Roger highport, we have telemetry for your traffic pattern. Detaching."


"Avarice Rewarded, you are clear for 2G burn to 120 diameters per agreed telemetry."


"Avarice Rewarded jumping for Liar's Oath in three minutes, highport."

"Roger Avarice Rewarded, bon voyage."

Silea ran jump plot checks, instrumentation checks, navigation checks, and made a point of calmly sitting back to watch the status displays for another minute.

Back in engineering, the Fish studied a few panels then leaned against a bulkhead feeling the vibration though his shoulder blades to make sure everything was alright.

Luan ran over procedures for jump sickness and cold sleep berths in her head. She had four crew plus passengers hot and cold to look after. Space medicine was new to her, but she had studied with fierce intensity since coming aboard.

Sir David sat in his co-pilot's chair and did nothing.


Silea flipped the lid and hit the switch. Cerenkov blue played around the ship for a moment, and then it was gone. She turned to the owner aboard. "Right then, you'd better go and see if you can poison the passengers".

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