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Kursis Charter

5. Kursis Mail LIC

Date: 135-993 to 136-993 Imperial.
Location: Shanape system (1023), various port areas.

Calls were made, acquaintances renewed, brains picked. Not much came of it until a former navy type working in the port authority said "Well, Kursis have a job touring the boonies but it needs maybe five tons of cargo space. I suppose you're in a type S, that won't be quite enough."

"Nope, I'm on a rickety A2. That leaves me 61 dee-tons to make a loss on."

"Hey, what are you doing on a merchie?"

"Long story. Want to hear it over lunch?"

"Sure, but get hold of Fridrick Hilmersson at Kursis Mail LIC planetside first and make an appointment to discuss the Linkworlds charter before someone else does."

Lunch was eaten, the appointment kept, formal and informal references given. Avarice Rewarded and her crew didn't have much of a background, but local corporation Kursis Mail LIC didn't have much of a mail fleet since all their ships were requisitioned by the navy as auxiliaries. It was time for the quadrennial collection of starport management logs, bonded hardcopies of the electronic reports kept for anti-fraud reasons. Kursis normally shipped them to Sentry (0921) in its regular mail fleet for forwarding in the high jump mail system, but just now they were stretched too thin.

Sir David got a pretty good deal, what with his charming manner and his old friends telling him exactly how badly the corporation needed outside help. Kursis would pay their normal overheads and fuel throughout the job, and pay for a full maintenance overhaul at 069-526 once the job was done. They were free to trade as they went along.

It wasn't the most exciting job in the world, but a charter on these terms was perfect for a trader with next to no capital and a major spaceworthiness inspection a few months down the line. Sir David hired a lawyer, and set contracts in motion.

"Looks like a nice easy job" said the Fish when he heard about it.

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