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Kursis Charter

2. Silea and the Fish

Date: 132-993 Imperial.
Location: Shanape system (1023), Shanape highport, spacers' bar.

"You think he's coming back?" Silea ran one finger round the rim of her short glass as she finally asked the question.

Fish looked deep into the 2D video wall, which passed for a window in this bar, and watched the 400 km/h stratospheric winds rip the top of a storm system over downport. "They should be able to fly through that no problems. This place is, what, tech thirteen?"

"No, I mean, d'you think he's got himself arrested or something? They're a bit draconian down there."

"What, our illustrious captain? Surely he wouldn't do anything to offend the local law." His voice was closer to irony than sarcasm, but not by much. "Now, if you were suggesting that the bank caught up with him..."

Silea absently unhooked her finger from his on the counter. "Better go and see if anyone repossessed the ship then. He's thirty-two hours late. I suppose it's time we looked into it."

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