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Story 1, Scene A2, by Timothy Reynolds

Walking down the dark alleyway between the library and Illmores, a 4 star restaurant hotel where most of the rich nobles stayed when visiting star-town, the man dressed all in navy black dropped a small object onto the dark wet concrete. Exiting the alley he called an air-taxi and quickly got in sliding onto the warn leather back seat.

"Where to, Commander?" the man in the front seat asked as he pulled the vehicle into the low air lane.

"Take me back to base, but no rush," in a sharp command voice was the only reply. The air-taxi built on a large air raft frame took a steep climb to the next air lane allowing for a good view of New Rome's star-town. The city scenery faded as his afternoon encounter replayed in Archer's mind.

"Look, Archer, I don't care if you get paid in two weeks or not, you wrote the IOU and rolled the dice and lost. It's your debt and you need to pay it." Kravos, a tall bulky man who always boosted about how he killed three Swordies with his bare hands in a boarding action during the last war, shouted at Archer while pinning him against the wall.

"Now, you are going to take your supply officer butt over to the armory and get those gauss rifles. Then you are going to meet us with the rifles at warehouse C32D no later then midnight tonight. If you go to the shore patrol we will let them know about your gambling and some other things you have done while here." The man paused. "You know what I am talking about." Kravos spit out into Archer’s face. Kravos then let him drop to the floor and walked off assured that his message had gotten across.

That was 5 hours ago and Archer had all the arrangements made to get the rifles. One of his most trusted cronies would help drive the truck off base. He had to pay a fortune to keep the man’s mouth shut but not as much as the IOU. Now with the note given to Nick the captain of the Emma B his escape plans were set and his naval career over.

The tall buildings of the city lit by neon lights flashed by giving way to the warehouses that separated star-town from the actual downport and Imperial starbase his destination. The driver flew the air taxi nicely arriving at the gates of the naval yard in just under 20 minutes. Archer got out looking at his chronometer it was about 2 hours to midnight local time. He paid the cabby off "The ride was too fast" he mumbled to the cabby and walked onto the waiting base trolley.

A short time later Archer met Charlos and the truck down the way from the marine armory bunker. "All right you know the drill let me do the talking, all you have to do is help load the truck and drive, no questions asked. Let's get a move on this and get it over with." The truck drove up to the gate where the loan marine stood guard, or more accurately struggled in the war against sleep, and stopped at the barricade.

"Halt, what is your business here so late," asked the young marine sergeant. Commander Archer got out of the truck standing on the running board he signalled the marine over.

"Here you go, sergeant, these are orders to draw ten crates of gauss rifles for a surprise exercise against the 4th battalion." Archer handed the orders to the marine to look over. Undoubtedly his years of forging supply forms would get him past the sergeant if the story was bought. The sergeant checked over the orders then looked up at Archer.

"I was not told about this at the shift briefing?" the sergeant asked.

"Sargeant, it's a surprise for the company just decided tonight. I knew there would be a problem that’s why I came out myself. Do you think I would be out at midnight if this was normal?" The sergeant frowned but lifted the barrier.

The two made for the rifles and loaded them into the truck then left the arsenal headed out the main gate. Getting by the guard here was easy since Archer had arranged this earlier. The two then drove to the warehouse and the meeting.

Once there they meet up with a civilian truck. Kravos and two others were waiting outside of it armed to the teeth. Archer got out of the truck wishing that this would go down easy but the bulging laser pistol appearing at his back told him otherwise. "CID; you are all under arrest. Drop your weapons and lay down on the floor arms out." Archer twitched as he recognized Charlos's voice coming from behind... good credits down the drain; credits he could have used elsewhere.

Kravos and the other men were not concerned about Archer's cash flow troubles so they wasted little time finding cover and bringing their weapons to bear. Archer realizing he was right smack where he did not want to be dropped to the ground covering his head as the fire fight started. Charlos managed to get off two or three shots burning a whole through one of the henchmen's body. Then a hale of flechettes flow over Archer blasting Charlos or whoever he was. The laser pistol dropped to Archer’s side...

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