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Pawel-class Modular Cutter

The Pawel-class 50 ton Modular Cutter was designed by Walisak Yards to be a direct replacement for the Cumin-class Cutter with the ability to carry different 30 ton modules. Its utility as a starport spacecraft has been shown in its current 10 year production run, and while demand for the Pawel is not strong it is consistent. The class is currently operating at all starports on Home and New Home and sporadically throughout the County. The County Navy is currently evaluating the class for possible use. Manoeuvre over 1.5G without a module installed will cause buckling to the cutter’s spine.

What has seen some demand is different types of modules for the cutter to carry. The standard module supplied is the basic cargo module.

The module draws 0.828 Mw from the Cutter to provide for basic environment and life-support. The six connections for reefer cargo containers increase the draw to 1.152 Mw allowing the remaining 0.268 Mw from the Cutter to recharge their batteries as needed. This allows all batteries to be recharged to full capacity in 38.7 hours or less.

Specifications: Pawel-class Modular Cutter

CraftID: Modular Cutter, TL10, MCr 35.702
Hull: 43/113, Disp=50, Config=3SL, Armor=40E, Unloaded=753.14 tons, Loaded=763.34 tons
Power: 5/10, Fusion=414 Mw, Duration=12/36
Loco: 5/10, Maneuver=4, NOE=140kph, Cruise=750kph, Top=1,000kph, Agility=0
Comm: Radio=System, Laser=System
Sensors: Active EMS=FarOrbit, Passive EMS=Interstellar, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasEngScan=Rout
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: DefDM=+3
Control: Computer=1 bis x3, Panel=Dynamic Linked x158, Special=HeadsUp display, Electronic Circuit Protection, Environ=basic env, basic ls, extend ls, grav plates, inertial compensators
Accom: Crew=2, (Pilot=1, Commander=1), Seats=Roomy x2, Small Stateroom, Airlock
Other: Cargo=6 klitres, Module=405 klitres, Fuel=60 kliters, ObjSize=Average, Fuel Scoops (fills tanks in hour, fills module in 3 hours), No Fuel Purification Plant, EmLevel=Faint, Flotation Bubbles
Comment: Construction Time=24 weeks single, 20 weeks multiple, 1.42 Mw spare power for module, Grav plates and inertial compensators cover all 50 tons, Computer multiplier for module=15, Loaded weight does not include the weight of the module

Specifications: Basic Cargo Module for Pawel-class Modular Cutter

CraftID: Modular Cutter Standard Cargo Module, TL10, MCr 2.608758
Hull: 27/68, Disp=30, Conf=3SL, Armour=40E, Unloaded=169.956 tons, Loaded=570.546 tons
Power: 0.828 Mw draw
Loco: -
Comm: -
Sensors: -
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: -
Control: Control=Dynamic Link x18
Accom: Environ=basic env, basic ls
Other: Cargo=400.59 klitres, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Faint
Comment: Construction Time=24 weeks single, 20 weeks multiple, 6 standard “Reefer” Cargo container connection points