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A Solo Traveller-Themed Game

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2023 issue.

This game is an unabashed ripoff and redecorating of the one-page RPG Potato by Oliver Darkshire.

Daily Doings
1D What Happens?
1 or 2 Dealing With Things
3 or 4 Dealing With People
5 or 6 Reports have the war going badly. From now on, it costs an additional kCr from your Nest Egg to bribe the authorities to avoid the Draft (this is cumulative).
Dealing With Things
1D What Happens? Score
1 Nothing much happens; it’s a good day. +1 kCr
2 You avoid a visitor by going into your workshop +1 kCr
+1 Activism
3 A stranger has been seen in the area +1 Activism
+1 Draft
4 Your property is vandalized. You don’t know who. +1 Draft
-1 kCr
5 You buy that thing you’ve wanted for a while. -1 kCr
6 A windfall comes your way. Maybe you cry with joy. +2 kCr
Dealing With People
1D What Happens? Score
1 That annoying relative wants to ‘borrow’ some money. They may tell the ‘press gang’ where you are. +1 Draft
2 An unsavory-looking stranger approaches you to donate to the cause. You tell them you gave at the office. +1 Activism
3 A politician holds a rally in your neighborhood. You make it a point to not go. +1 Activism
+1 Draft
4 There seems to be a blackout on war news. You spend some money to try to find out what’s going on. +2 Draft
-1 kCr
5 Somehow, you’re on someone’s mailing list. +1 Activism
6 A sympathetic neighbor who’s getting out leaves you some nice stuff. +2 kCr

You are trying to manage day-to-day while also trying to save enough of a nest egg to be able to get started on a new world. There is a war going on, but you’re hiding from the draft (‘press gang’); all you’re likely to do as a soldier is become a casualty.

How To Play

You have three scores, all of which start at 0:

Nest Egg                              

Turn By Turn

Each day, roll 1D on the “Daily Doings” and adjust your score(s) as indicated in the table or subtable. Repeat until one of the following happens:

If your Activism reaches 10, you’re appointed to a high-profile position in the government, whether you want to be or not.

If your Nest Egg reaches 10 kCr, you have enough to buy a low passage to another world, and have some ‘seed money’ to get set up there.

If your Draft reaches 10, the ‘press gang’ has found you, and put you in a uniform to become cannon fodder.

If two scores reach 10 together, Nest Egg beats Draft beats Activism.

Hiding Better

At any time, you may reduce your Draft by 1 by reducing your Nest Egg by 1 kCr (in bribes). Note that this cost can change.