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Shared Jump Drive Tweaks

This page will contain brief explanations of how people have tweaked the Jump Drive for their Traveller campaigns. For an explanation of how and why the Jump Drive may be tweaked, see the main Tweaking the Jump Drive article.

Fuel Consumption Tweaks

Jeff Zeitlin's Lyman Drive drastically reduces fuel consumption at high jump.

Speed Tweaks

Effect Tweaks

Jump Map Tweaks

Other/Mixed Tweaks

From Ernest Cline: I had Jump-0 drives which were available at TL-9 while Jump-1 was not available until TL-10. Jump-0 drives were only good for intrasystem jumps (up to .01 parsecs) This was combined with a fuel tweak for Jump-0 drives (10% / (TL-8)). My home-brew campaign was based in a quinary star system that had 6 different gas giants in the habitable zone and about 20 different habitable moons, so jump-0 drives were quite useful to my players (and my NPC's).