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Extended Career Character Generation for Marc Miller's Traveller (T4)

[Editor's Note: This enhanced system requires that the user have the enhanced character generation sequence materials from either 'Classic' Traveller or MegaTraveller, as well as the character generation rules from Marc Miller's Traveller (T4)]

Let's face it, enhanced Traveller career resolution is fun. Damn fun. Indeed I would go as far to say that it is the most fun anyone can have in role playing character generation. Remember the elation of gaining a Starburst of Extreme Heroism and the curses that would spew forth on being court martialled? The giddy delights of gaining a vast amounts of skills upon going to Commando school and the horror of being transferred from Free Trader to a small merchant line?

But gosh darn it, T4 didn't have that. But, oh! how we liked the large jump in skill levels. If only there was some way to marry the two? Create a hybrid system that would deliver the extra skill levels, whilst providing the spills and thrills of enhanced character generation.



2D6 Skill Levels Gained1 Generic DMs2 Assignment DMs
3- 0 +1 if term 1 +2 if skill was gained on 5+
4-5 0.5 +1 if promoted if officer +1 if skill was gained on 6+
6-8 1 +1 for first promotion of term if NCO -1 if skill was gained on 9+
9-10 1.5 -1 if term 4-5 -2 if no skills could be gained
11-12 2 -2 if term 6-7  
13-14 2.5 -3 if term 8+  
15+ 3    
  1. Half Skill levels: If at the end of character generation, a character has a total of half a skill level in a skill then he/she has level 0 in that skill. If they have skill level-1+ but have a half remainder, then indicate the skill in parentheses eg. 1.5 becomes (1), as the extra half will have no bearing on task determination. The up side is that it takes half the effort to go up the next skill level (given that many refs have their own system, talk it over with him/her).
  2. If the character is on a second career which is related to the first, then when working out DMs based on terms served, add the no. of term in previous related career divided by two (rounded down) to no. of terms in second career. For example, Navy and Marines would be related as both are both space and military careers. If the character served three terms in the navy before becoming a Marine, treat the character as having served the equivalent of (No. of Terms in Navy)/2 (rounded down), or one, term in the marines when he/she begins marine service (thus missing out on the +1 skill DM for first termers). This is due to the fact that some of what the character will experience in the new career, will have likewise been experienced in the old. It is also designed to hamper 'Min-Max' players who might continually swap careers to gain favourable skill DMs.


A Final Note...

I've tested this a number of times and while it does not deliver as many skill levels as T4 basic generation (especially as a character progresses in the one career), it comes pretty close. However, the flip-side is that all those delightful days of Enhanced Career resolution can be yours again.

Queries/comments/gripes/jellied gasolining/I've number crunched and you are wrong, wrong, wrong, please email me at michael.hughes@cbr.defence.gov.au