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An Alternative Basic Character Generation System for Classic Traveller

As it stands, unless you use an extended character generation system (like my own GECGS), your Classic Traveller characters (especially those in Supplement 4) are going to have very few skills, and even fewer with level 2+. And not everyone like rolling for each year. Or relying solely on J-o-T to have a broad skill palette.

Also, why do characters have to rely on funds from their previous career? Shouldn't they have some life savings? And shouldn't nobles have more wealth?

Here's the answer. It uses only Book 1 and Supplement 4, and generates more powerful characters without year-by-year detail.

How it Works

First, roll up the characters UPP. This system provides an alternate UPP, however. The changes are:

The new UPP should look like this:


After you've done this, enlist in a career as per usual. Each term is resolved as usual, except that skills are handled differently. Roll an additional number of times equal to Int/5, rounding down. So a first term marine with an Int of 11 who gets commissioned but not promoted rolls 5 times for skills.

When a skill roll indicates an increase or decrease in a characteristic, interpret it as follows:

When the character musters out, select a number of 0-level skills for your character equal to Edu/3, rounding down. You're finished!