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VAG-Central (Volker A. Greimann)

This website was reviewed on 8 Sep 2002. Geocities has ceased operation; we do not have a current address for this website.

This is Volker A. Greimann's site (formerly known as "The Domain of VAG"). This site has frames and the ubiquitous Geocities popup advert. There are several links to personal non-Traveller pages (it seems that Volker has moved to Japan), there's a "What's New" page (apparently nothing since 21-May-2001), and a link entitled "The Domain of Deneb".

The Domain of Deneb page is the true start of the Traveller stuff, but there is a design problem: with navigation bars on both sides and the Geocities popup also taking up space, if you browse with an 800x600 screen you could find only 25% of that is useful! Be that as it may, there are five areas to choose from:

In summary: This site appears to have more than it actually does. If YTU features the Ancients you might find the collation of Ancient information handy. If YTU is focused on M:0 you will probably find the repaired data useful. If you like looking at pictures of miniatures then you might enjoy the miniatures pages. Beyond that there's not much to see. Perhaps Volker can be encouraged to build more content.

Improvements: First, Volker should re-think the use of frames (they don't add much and they eat up way too much screen real-estate). Second, more care needs to be taken with some of the links. But above all this the cry is: content, content, content.