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If you type in the address in all lowercase (or follow the link from Freelance Traveller) you will see that the perkworks.com website seems to be in a bit of disarray. (There are several Sims2 files, a large Harry Potter zip file (whatever is in there), and a web forum for EverQuest 2.) However, using an uppercase 'T' in Traveller will get you to a sort of home page. This identifies the site as Paul and Cathy Schirf's Traveller page. As you navigate around you quickly find that most of the pictures are missing and many links are broken. There are four links from this page: Deckplans, World Maps, Landgrab, and Links. Only the Deckplans section has any real content.

[Editor's note: We've corrected the link as shown on the Traveller on the Internet (Web Links) page]

Here there is a list of 25 sets of deck plans rendered with CC2. You can either download the CC2 file or a GIF version. Here's the list of ships:

Be aware that Paul is a GURPS player and so these ships were rendered on a hex grid rather than the usual square grid. And some (but not all) have GURPS stats. Some of the ships look quite interesting and even if you are not a GURPS fan its worth a quick visit to snag these deck plans while you can.

Other than that there is little to see. Some of the file dates are from this year, but this is clearly a dead site.