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Jumpspace (Glenn Hoppe)

Freelance Traveller calls this site "Welcome to My Dimension (Glenn Hoppe)" which may have been its original name [FT Editor's note - yes. It's fixed]. What you get is an old fashioned site layout with four main sections and a "What's New" page.

The first section, "Traveller Downloads", contains some software for Traveller. A computer referee assistant (needs Hypercard ... odd software for an obscure computer system, "Mac" I think). An ammunition design database (needs Filemaker Pro). Far Trader deckplans in PDF format. Cutter, Launch, and Ship's Boat in PDF format. And "Vehicle Factory" ... T4 designer in Excel.

The second section is for using the FUDGE ruleset with Traveller. It includes both an introduction to FUDGE, and some simple rules for converting T4 tasks to FUDGE.

The third section, "Jumpspace Institute", has two short articles (a couple of paragraphs each) on the nature of jumpspace and interstellar travel. There is also quite a good FAQ on jump that all newbies (and some oldtimers) to Traveller should read ... common questions with straight forward answers. This section states it intends to add rules on drives, the effect of gravity, and a bibliography of jump references ... "coming soon". Looking at the "What's New" page I wouldn't hold my breath.

The fourth section has add-ons for some computer game called "Marathon". Some of these add-ons have been designed to Traveller-ise it. Basically, we are talking new levels ... but without Marathon I don't see much purpose.

The terrible truth behind this site is revealed on the "What's New" page. Started on 27-Oct-1996 it was abandoned just 7 months later on 20-May-1997. Yes folks, this is a dead site. Brush away the cobwebs, snag what you want, and move on. :-(