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Jackson Downport

Jackson Downport (Joseph L. Lockett)

This is another dead site. Abandoned in 1997 this half finished site is filled with broken links. So why review it? Well, there are a few items of potential interest here. This site is for playing Traveller using the GURPS system ... written before GT was published. The theme of the site (if you couldn't tell from the title) is a starport home page. There are three sections: "Translation Services", "Embassy Row", and "Marketplatz".

The "Translation Services" section contains links to a number of simple CT and MT rule conversions to GURPS. On the downside many of these links are broken.

The "Embassy Row" section contains alien conversions. GURPS racial packages for Hivers (broken link), Gvegh Vargr (broken link), and T4's Alien Archive (half completed).

The "Marketplatz" section is equipment. It is divided into three companies: "Luwas, Tsefe & Drummond, Naval Architects, LSE, LIC" provides ships. "Mala" provides vehicles. "Dialog" provides weapons (great name for an arms dealer!). Unfortunately Mala and Dialog have not been done yet. Fortuneately "LTD" has and it contains 3 starships.

In summary the only real thing of value here are the GT racial packages for the T4 aliens.