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Doug's World

Doug's World (Douglas Glatz)

This website was reviewed on 5 May 2002.

The front page has a straight forward layout (albeit with frames). There are two things here plus some links.

Item one is sector data circa 1100. It is in an Excel97 spreadsheet and an Access95 database for download. Apparently Marc Miller pointed out some errors in the data which were subsequently fixed but there is no information as to what those errors were.

Item two is a Windows program called "Worldgen". This will generate a single mainworld and a single star so it is of limited utility ... but it is colorful.

Links ...

(Ignore the link to "home". There is a scan of a "First Jump Certificate" here but its nothing to do with jump drives, Doug just likes to jump out of aircraft.)

The link to "IMTU Articles" reveals 8 articles. They are "Justice", "Nobility" (non-canon expansion of SOC), "Personal Identification, Ship's Registry, and Crew Certification", "Trade" (some revisions for the trade rules covering arrival in-system through to departure), "Tradestations" (rules about office and warehouse space), "Jump" (rules not theory), "Software" (details about Anti-hijack, Generate, and Maneuver), "Starports" (incomplete). A nice touch is that each article has a feedback form allowing you to rate the article from 1 to 5 and make some comments.

In summary: Having the circa 1100 sector data in a single spreadsheet or database does open it up to multi-sector analysis ... though making up your own from existing sources would not be a difficult task. The Worldgen program is easily eclipsed by Heaven&Earth. But some of the articles contain useful nuggets. What this site lacks is either anything with significant 'wow' factor or the volume of lesser items to be great. So, mediocre fare only ... so far.

Improvements: Since the the two main items aren't that great it falls to the IMTU Articles to make this site. There needs to be a lot more of them.