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Dave's Traveller Site

Dave's Traveller Site (Dave Golden)
(The owner has indicated that the site is defunct due to lack of time to maintain it.)

Note this URL ends "index.html" and not "Traveller.html" as Freelance Traveller has it. [FT Editor's Note - Fixed] Dave Golden (the site's owner) has reorganised this site and left a forwarding page in the old location.

The front page is a straight forward list of the different sections (reminiscent of an old JTAS table of contents). First up was "Amber Zone" which holds 13 items (CT and/or TNE) ranging from plot hooks to full adventures. "The Admiralty" is a site in its own right with 90 starship designs (both military and civilian, mostly CT and TNE but also a few MT), designers notes (and more) for FF&S2, a dozen different ship panels for Brilliant Lances, and alternative/additional rules for both Brilliant Lances and Battle Rider. "Casual Encounter" has a few TNE NPCs. "Ship's Locker" looks set to be another mini-site but there are only a few items so far. "Rules & Errata" has ... er, houserules and errata.

But that's not all: "Software" has a mix of spreadsheets and DOS programs. "Artwork" has a dozen CGI images (but some are missing, like those from Chris Cox, as the linked site may have gone), plus a few photos of painted miniatures. "Elsewhere" has the usual mix of website links.

On the downside "Contact!" doesn't link to anything, and the "What's New" page indicates there have been no updates since 23-Sep-1999 (prior to that there were fairly regular updates).

In summary: This site does have a lot of material (with the focus being on CT, TNE, MT, and T4 ... in that order). However, it also appears to be a dead site and as such could vanish at any moment. Short of Dave Golden (the webmeister) being persuaded to resume development of this site I recommend 'strip mining' it while its still around.

Improvements: The owner should resume developing this site. Other than that the "Casual Encounter" and "Ship's Locker" sections are a bit light on material, the "Artwork" CGI links need maintenance, and the "Contact!" section should either be put in place or the link removed.