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Crucible Highport

Crucible Highport

Here's a site of possible interest to fans of Classic Traveller. The home page has a very short introduction, side navigation bar to other pages, the obligatory web ring links and stat counter, and the standard FFE disclaimer (it's nice to see someone is following the rules). There are also links to three other "Crucible" sites: Seven Kingdoms, Watchstar Universe, and Hawke Foundation. Its hard to tell how active this site is, the disclaimer suggests it was last updated in 2006 but the non-Traveller Seven Kingdoms section was last updated 20-Dec-2007.

The Traveller content is organised into five sections.

Traveller Plus - This contains three sets of house rules, each as a downloadable PDF styled after the LBBs:

Traveller Software - This contains five MS Excel spreadsheets that support either CT or Traveller Plus, a CHM help file for Traveller MUSH, and links to two freeware (formerly shareware) MUSH clients.

Corvus Cluster - This is a campaign setting. This is a non-OTU based setting that seems to draw slight inspiration from Farscape. There is a downloadable LBB-style PDF sourcebook, some character write-ups, a "movie poster", a world write-up, and two image galleries (one general, one for ships) with basic CGI.

Phoenix Throne - This is a place holder for another campaign setting.

Conflict Zone - This is a place holder for another campaign setting.

Summary: The Traveller Plus content needs further study to see how well it works but has the potential to be very useful for CT referees. The Corvus Cluster setting could be retrofitted in its entirety into an OTU-based TU (just beyond the Imperial border), or simply mined for ideas.

The HTML looks a little dated, as does the CGI work. It would be nice to have a what's new block added to the home page. That's pretty much it.