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Andrew's Traveller Page

 Andrew's Traveller Page (Andrew Moffatt-Valance)

This site used to be hosted at Netaccess (and an old version can still be found there) but now it's hosted at Downport. The front page is simple and fast loading, and checking out the "What's New" page shows this site to be still active. (At last!) While some of the material here is generic, most supports either Andrew's 'historical' pre-RoM Nth Interstellar War campaign "Prometheus Rising" or his non-canon campaign "Greater Magellanic Cloud Campaign".

The generic stuff:

First up is "Andrew's Used Gravcar Lot". This has 6 vehicle designs made using Rob Prior's "Infini-V" software (T4 CSC design sequence). Mainly TL8/9 'cars' but also a TL3 land yacht with optional wet bar (a nice detail). The sizes (0.5 dtons for a family car) seen a little small but are probably correct ... now I'm going to have to measure my own car and figure out its displacement.

Next is "Andrew's Arms Bazaar". This has 2 rifles made using Andrew's own "Gunsmith" Excel spreadsheet (T4 FF&S2 design sequence) ... a 12mm revolver rifle and a 4mm gauss rifle.

In "Library Data" there are 4 articles: an interesting cultural piece on "The Return Of The Skirt", rules for ship construction (not a design sequence but rules detailing construction methods, workers, prices, and times ... your new starships will never be delivered shrink-wrapped again), a univeral corporate profile (think USP string for corporations ... unfinished), and the TML Landgrab of Ficant (about 50% complete but looking very good so far).

Finally there is "Traveller Software" with 4 programs. A High Guard ship constructor for Windows (seems to work well). A sector regenerator (reroll dodgy stats for Genie/Sunbeam sectors ... untried). An Excel spreadsheet for FF&S2 personal weapons. And an Excel spreadsheet for Pocket Empires.

The campaign stuff:

"Greater Magellanic Cloud Campaign": This is a non-canon campaign. On the web site there are notes on history, the Terran Empire, corporations, warships, marines, and aliens. A section for a timeline is planned. The warship section lacks specific designs. No maps are provided as these campaign notes are intended to be used in conjuction with "Galactic" (the Traveller mapping software) which has the relevant maps already loaded. There is a fair amount of material here and a separate review is warranted. However, a cursory glance suggests if you are looking for an alternative to the 3I universe this would be a good first choice.

"Prometheus Rising": This is a 'historical' campaign set during the Nth Interstellar Wars at the dawn of the Rule of Man. Terrans v. the First Imperium. On the web site there are notes on origins, history, the Terran Confederation, the Vilani, Terran free traders, and Ships. Sections are planned for Sharurshid, the intelligence war, the Vegans, and personalities. Again, no maps are provided as these campaign notes are intended to be used in conjunction with "Galactic". Again, there is a fair amount of material here and a separate review is warranted. But from what I've seen so far this material is going to become canon IMTU.

In summary: There are some good resources here for T4 campaigns, and a few for other versions as well. The material is a little specialised ... but the Prometheus Rising setting is very handy for any campaigns set in the Solomani Rim (even if not in the same period).

Improvements: I actually prefer the different colour scheme of the original version of this site (but that's just a personal opinion). The Traveller link from Andrew's personal page links to his old site not this new version. Some of the pages in the campaigns have links to more pages ... without links on the main campaign settings you are forced to drill down to them (and they can be easily overlooked). I would recommend the campaign menus contain both main links and these secondary links. Other than that, the main way to improve this site is for the site's author to keep up the good work and continue to add content.