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Draft Timeline

This draft timeline is subject to change at any time.

Years MBP are "Millions of years before present";  KBP is Thousands of years before present; CE is "Common Era"; BCE is "Before Common Era". Dates before 5000 BCE should be considered approximate. References have been omitted here; check the original Traveller Consolidated Timeline at url.

10 MBP Appearance of K'kree precursors, a herbivorous, plains-dwelling herd animal referred to as Akeet!! Xkuung, on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin).
3 MBP Supernova at 0606 Thirty; beginnings of K'kree intelligence on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin).
1.8 MBP Climate on Kusyu (1919 Dark Nebula) shifts, forcing Aslan onto grasslands.
100 KBP Increased competition with carnivores on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin) threatens K'kree with extinction - "Nagr'axk ee nak", the shadowed time of nightmare.
80 KBP First K'kree cities founded on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin), based on defensive lurkaang of individual xuruk.
50 KBP Unknown alien race builds pyramid structure on Yorbund (2320 Spinward Marches).
30 KBP Nagr'ika'rrgaa, time of shed blood, on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin); systematic extermination of carnivores on Kirur begins.
15 KBP Rise of modern Homo Sapiens on Terra (1827 Solomani Rim), displacing Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man.
5500 BCE Writing developed on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin).
3654 BCE Rak'keer! founded as center of administration for all K'kree on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin).
3479 BCE Native civilization on Sabmiqys (2117 Antares) ends in extinction due to virus; robots build new society.
177 BCE Hivers develop inferior jump-1 drive on Guaran (0827 Ricenden).
1 CE Terran calendar begins.
216 CE Unification of Kirur (1315 Ruuplin) under one Steppelord complete; K'kree at TL 7.
233 CE First K'kree grav drive; beginnings of war of extermination against inhabitants of Kirrixur, moon of Kirur (1315 Ruuplin). K'kree at approximately TL 9.
309 CE Hivers develop standard jump-1 drive.
354 CE K'kree declaration of Axavktrr xur, fundamental principles of survival, which call for eradication of all carnivorous life.
379 CE K'kree discover jump-1 drive on Kirur (1315 Ruuplin).
535 CE Hivers encounter the Ithklur on Tryylin (2514 Extolian).
1962 CE First Solomani space explorations.
1969 CE First Solomani landings on Luna, Terra's moon (1827 Solomani Rim).
2011 CE Archimedes settlement on Luna, Terra's moon (1827 Solomani Rim) established as a small mining base.
2013-2020 CE United Nations Space Coordinating Agency (UNSCA) established on Terra (1827 Solomani Rim).
2020 CE Copernicus settlement on Luna, Terra's moon (1827 Solomani Rim), established by America, Britain and Japan.
2050 CE ESA Long-Range Colony Mission leaves Terra (1827 Solomani Rim) in generation ships.
2061 CE Solomani bases throughout the Terran solar system (1827 Solomani Rim).
2083 CE GSbAG allegedly founded from consortium of old Terran manufacturing firms on Terra (1827 Solomani Rim).
2088 CE Luna, Terra's moon (1827 Solomani Rim), unifies as a nation in the United Nations.
2090 CE Solomani develop jump-1 drives on Terra (1827 Solomani Rim).
2331 CE First Aslan World War on Kusyu (1919 Dark Nebula).
2361 CE Second Aslan World War on Kusyu (1919 Dark Nebula) results in nuclear exchange.
2385 CE Aslan begin exploring their home solar system (1919 Dark Nebula).
2423 CE Third Aslan World War on Kusyu (1919 Dark Nebula).
2438 CE 29 largest Aslan clans form the Tlaukhu; Aslan calendar begins.
2476 CE First contact between K'kree and Hiver.
2483 CE K'kree occupy several Hiver worlds and begin exterminating local carnivore populations.
2492 CE Hiver-K'kree War begins.
2498 CE Hive Federation founded.
2503 CE Hiver manipulations of K'kree worlds start.
2508 CE Hiver-K'kree War ends when Hivers threaten to alter K'kree society along less bellicose lines.

K'kree principle of Axavktrr xur overturned, although many K'kree privately adhere to its precepts.

3655 CE Glea (2609 Centrax, current capital of Hive Federation) colonized.
4512 CE ESA Long-Range Colony Mission arrives in Islands Clusters; C-Jammer founds New Home (1925 Reft).
4516 CE Van der Lubbe reaches Newbayern (1822 Reft) in Islands Clusters.
4518 CE Voyageur reaches Amondiage (2325 Reft) in Islands Clusters.
4608 CE C-Jammer discovers Serendip Belt (1323 Reft) in Islands Clusters.
4788 CE New Home (1925 Reft) in Islands Clusters launches first new generation ship, Outward Bound.
4814 CE Outward Bound plants first colony at Colchis (2026 Reft) in Islands Clusters.
4860 CE Van der Lubbe and Voyageur, in company, return to Neubayern (1825 Reft) in Islands Clusters.
4861 CE Amondiage (2325 Reft) in Islands Clusters completes first generation ship, Asterix.
4931 CE Capital of the Hive Federation transferred from Guaran (0827 Ricenden) to Glea (2619 Centrax).
5232 CE Infinite forced down on Sturgeon's Law (1724 Reft) in Islands Clusters.
5395 CE L'lluii'!pri'vguurlg, a charismatic young K'kree lord, embraces Axavktrr xur.
5406 CE Founding of Xuruk'xaar'keer! (the Xuruk Empire), outside boundaries of K'kree space, in Luretir!girr sector.
5459 CE Mysterious starship discovered drifting at Denotam (1413 Spinward Marches), of unknown design and technology.
5504 CE Serendip Belt starship C-Breaker makes first jump.
5524 CE Unidentified starship, later known as Annic Nova, sighted in Spinward Marches.