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The Crucible Campaign: Specialty Careers

Emergency Responder

Persons that respond to disasters of a man-made or natural origin. These include firefighters, paramedics, crewmen on rescue aircraft or boats, and persons on elite search and rescue teams.

Prerequisites: CON 7+ or STR 6+, Homeworld Tech=Industrial+, No Prison Terms

First Term:
Skills: Determination-2, Engineer-1, Explore-1, Medical-2, Vehicle-1
Promotion: 7+, DM +1 if CONS or EDU 7+
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Determination, Engineer, Explore, Medical, Vehicle and Technician
Special Duty: 7+ for Acrobat, Charm, Explore, Perception, Personal Transport, Physical Science and Spacehand
Contacts: Two per term, either government or law enforcement


Even in a society as regimented and socially focused as the Commonwealth, there will always exist persons that, for a bewildering variety of reasons, find themselves in conflict or friction with the norms of their communities. Many of these persons will often depart their home communities or worlds to search the space ways for their calling, wandering the spaceways as drifters or transients. Though the Commonwealth supports (or at least does not hinder) such individuals, it does not tolerate social parasitism, meaning that these persons have to find gainful temporary employment or be subject to local vagrancy laws. A Nomad is akin to the Aslan Wanderer in that he or she is not necessarily an outcast, but is simply not comfortable with domesticated society. Most work odd jobs or in seasonal employment, and spending the rest of the time travelling between communities or prospects. Nomads usually wander for only a few years before settling down to a long term career; many find employment by police and scouting agencies due to their extensive navigational experience in swimming through the underworld, or alien cultures.

Prerequisites: Homeworld Tech=Industrial+

First Term:
Skills: Determination-2, Explore-2, Vice-1, Gun Combat-1, Melee-1
Promotion: None
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Determination, Explore, Gun Combat, Interaction, Melee, Spacehand, Technician, Vice
Special Adventure: 6+ for Artisan, Archaic Weapons, Charm, Crime, Determination, Fine Arts, Spacehand, Space Tech and Vehicle
Contacts: Three per term of any type
Additional Effects: Calculate cash as for a Belter (replace Strike with Windfall)


When the Commonwealth Covenant was ratified in NE 43, the worlds and citizens of the new nation received a legally codified level of freedom unprecedented in the annals of the Old Imperium. But with this freedom came new dangers and complications, and the problem of a rising number of crimes committed by both individual citizens and planetary governments keen to exploit the j-space communication lag between them and their fellows. Already anticipating this shift, the new government created the Praetor Service to establish basic legal standards for local planetary legal systems and a uniform level of standards for legal judgments, while establishing a Commonwealth circuit court system that oversaw crimes that affected the greater interstellar community above the planetary level. The Praetors are mainly travelling judges and jurists, their staffs, and a supporting infrastructure of personnel that includes custom built starships and contract crews.

Rank Designation
P1 Clerk
P2 Associate
P3 Assistant Provost
P4 Provost
P5 Provost General
P6 Circuit Jurist
P7 Superior Jurist
P8 Chancellery Jurist
P9 Jurist General

Prerequisites: Homeworld Tech=Industrial+, Law School Graduate, INT 7+, EDU 7+

First Term:
Skills: Economics-2, Interaction-3, Perception-1, Determination-1, Gun Combat-1
Promotion: 8+, DM+1 if INT 8+
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Determination, Economics, Perception, Interaction, Social Science, Vehicle
Promotion: 9+, DM+1 if INT or EDU 8+
Special Adventure: 7+ for Charm, Determination, Economics, Explore, Physical Science, Vice and Vehicle
Additional Effects: Two Ship DMs per term (Trader table, with Praetor Runabout at the highest levels)