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The Crucible Campaign: Travelling In the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Deneb is a federal state divided into three different tiers. The first tier are Federations, which are full member states that have full participation in the Commonwealths legislative and executive bodies, pay full taxes, and have full voting rights. The second tier are the Commonalities, which are sovereign, self-governing states in association with the Commonwealth government, which handles defense and external affairs for these states. The third tier are territories currently occupied by the Commonwealth military or civilian authorities, and are directly administered from Mora.

Each of the Federations has a writeup listed below; the Commonalities share a single, somewhat less-detailed writeup, and writeups of several distinct multiworld cultures are included. Finally, a separate writeup giving an overview of the polities of Vland Sector is included as well, although these polities are not actually part of the Commonwealth.