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The Crucible Campaign: Careers in the Brotherhood

Brotherhood "Scanner"

The professional psions assigned to mental health units modeled upon the old Zhodani Tavrchedl' force are trained to handle a wide array of different situations and mental maladies. In many cases they are often the first to detect physical distress in the community as well, and have extensive medical knowledge to assist them. Bear in mind that popular perception of these psions is equivalent to what the Tavrchedl' enjoyed under the Consulate. Adventurers may have a different opinion after being nabbed by a "scanner".

Prerequisite: Commonwealth Citizen, Undergrad Graduate in social science or medicine, must have taken Regency Psion career during first term (see TNE rulebook) and have psionic assets in telepathy and/or sense.

First Term:
Skills: Determination-2, Interaction-1, Perception-1, Social Science-2, Medic-1
Promotion: 8+, DM+1 if INT 7+, DM+2 if possessing PSI strength of 9+
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Determination, Economics, Interaction, Perception, Medical, Social Science, Vehicle
Promotion: Same as first term
Special Duty: 8+ for Acrobatics, Explore, Gun Combat, Linguistics, Social Science and Spacehand
Contacts: 2 per term (government or law enforcement)
Additional Effects: Two secondary activities per term, but one of these must be spent on psionic training

Psionic Technician

The addition of psionic talents into scientific and technical fields can be a boon to research and experimentation. PTs are usually specialists in one field of learning, based upon their talents and skills.

Prerequisite: Commonwealth Citizen, Undergrad or Grad School Graduate in one area of specialty (physical science, social science, engineering, computer programming or medicine), must have taken Regency Psion career during first term (see TNE rulebook).

First Term:
Skills: Specialisation Skill-3, Psi-2, Interaction-2, Computer-1
Promotion: Use promotion number from "normal" career that the PT approximates
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Specialisation, Psi, Determination, Interaction, Computer
Promotion: Same as first term
Special Adventure: 8+ for Charm, Crime, Explore, Linguistics, Vice, Vehicle
Contacts: Three per term (government, academic or technical)
Additional Effects: Double money on mustering out


One of the most in demand psi talents has always been for couriers with the ability to store large amounts of data or information in the cerebral cortex without technical assistance.

"Imprinters" of this basic sort have been used BTC for decades. But since the Crucible War, improved techniques have allowed them to carry it one more level. (Think of "Johnny Mnemonic" without cyberware.) Modern Imprinters can carry the personality and memory engrams of their clients, allowing them to actually act or feel like them. This can give enormous flexibility to executives and managers who cannot be everywhere at once, and cannot delegate to a subordinate. An Imprinter must have considerable emotional flexibility and supreme personal integrity to carry out these operations without mishap or compromise. Most are deliberately trained to compartmentalize their minds to prevent the inadvertent learning of confidential information.

Prerequisite: Commonwealth Citizen, CHR 7+, Must have taken Regency Psion career (see TNE Rulebook) in first term with talents in both Telepathy and Self

First Term:
Skills: Charm-3, Interaction-2, Determination-1, Psi-2
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Psi, Charm, Determination, Interaction, Perception, Vice, Vehicle
Special Adventure: 8+ for Explore, Linguistics, Gun Combat, Fine Arts, Spacehand
Contacts: 3 per term (government, academic or business)
Additional Effects: Two secondary activities per term, three ship DMs per term (scout)

Mental Gymnasts

One of the more unusual careers available to Commonwealth psions is the ability to "rent" unused or idle gray matter found in other people for the sake of problem solving. Just as quantum superposition is often used in advanced computing, so something analogous can be accomplished with crowds of sympathetic persons. A mental gymnast can coordinate the thinking and concentration of a group of people by linking either their main cerebral cortexes and their accumulated memories and experiences into a single network. The gymnast's main task is to be able to coordinate this groupthink without mishap or miscommunication.

Prerequisites: Commonwealth Citizen, CHR 7+, Must have taken Regency Psion career (see TNE Rulebook) in first term with talents in Telepathy and Telephysics

First Term:
Skills: Psi-2, Interaction-2, Perception-3
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Psi, Charm, Determination, Perception, Social Science
Special Adventure: 7+ for Explore, Linguistics, Medical, Physical Science, Vice and Crime
Contacts: Two per term of any kind
Additional Effects: Two ship DMs per term (scout ship)

Abyssal Psionic Seer

The Abyss Federation has a higher than normal number of psions per capita. Over the years some individual Abyss psions have created a series of schools on its more remote worlds that train a carefully selected group of psionic students to plumb the depths of the human mind. These "Seers" are combination fortune teller and psychological analyst, using rituals and symbolic language to both penetrate the unconcious psychic defenses put up by the mind. Unlike the typical sideshow charlatans that peddle fortunes, Seers are licensed psychologists whose primary task is therapeutic.

Prerequisites: Commonwealth citizen (preferably from the Abyss Federation), Undergrad, INT and CHR 7+, Must have taken Regency Psion career (see TNE Rulebook) in first term with talents in Telepathy and Sense

First Term:
Skills: Psionics-2, Interaction-2, Psychology-2, Determination-1
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Psionics, Interaction, Psychology, Perception
Special Adventure: 8+ for Psionics, Medical, Linguistics, Explore and Vehicle
Contacts: 2 per term in Medical or Academia
Additional Effects: 2 Secondary Activities per term. +1 Psi if more than one term served.

Brotherhood Entropic Warder

The Entropy Corps is a specially trained force of psions that act as ombudsmen, inspectors and enforcers for the Brotherhood's codes of ethics. When a complaint is lodged about illegal or unethical psionic activity, a Warder is usually the first person sent to investigate. They are usually used for the least serious infractions, with more serious crimes investigated by local police or CPS "Hunters" (see below).

Prerequisites: Commonwealth Citizen. Psi 7+ and Telepathy and Sense talents. Must have served at least one term in Law Enforcement or Military career

First Term
Skills: Psionic-1, Perception-2, Psychology-2, Medical-2
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Psionics, Perception, Social Science, Medical, Gun Combat
Speical Duty: 6+ for Determination, Linguistics, Interaction, Charm and Vice
Contacts: 2 per term in Law Enforcement, Government or Medical
Additional Effects: 2 ship DMs per term. Automatically receives sidearm of less than Cr 1000 value, but is subject to active duty recall for life

Entropy Corps/CPS Psionic Hunter

The Entropy Corps has a special division that operates under the Commonwealth Police Service's command that is trained and equipped to hunt down renegade psions that are certifiably insane, or willfully engage in criminal activity that harms or places the public at risk. Known colloquially as Mental Destroyers, a hunter is a relentless pursuer of their quarry. A hunter is considered to be paramilitary in nature, with wide arrest powers, which make them feared even among other psions.

Prerequisite: Commonwealth Citizen. Psi 7+. INT and STR 6+ and prior service in the Commonwealth Corps, Navy or CPS.

First Term:
Skills: Psionics-1, Interaction-2, Perception-1, Gun Combat-2, Vice-2
Subsequent Terms:
Skills: Psionics, Gun Combat, Determination, Vice, Interaction, Perception
Special Duty: 6+ for Vehicle, Explore, Charm, Spacehand and Crime
Additional Effects: 3 ship DMs per term. Automatically receives sidearm of less than Cr 1000 value, but is subject to active duty recall for life