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Take Ship

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AramisDown.jpg (59399 bytes)
Aramis Down
A view of a landing berth at the starport on Aramis.

HarrierShip.jpg (115303 bytes)
Belt Meet
The Harrier, a Delphi-class Free Trader, meets another ship in a system's asteroid belt.

lippendelphi.jpg (35195 bytes)
The Delphi-class Free Trader is a common sight in the Imperium.

gespent1.gif (24917 bytes)
The Gespent Fighter
Hot battles require hot ships - and the Gespent qualifies.

HarrierPort.jpg (112578 bytes)
Cleared In
The Harrier, on maneuvering thrusters, makes its terminal approach.

ship8a.jpg (50236 bytes)
Outward Bound
A Delphi-class Free Trader heads out to the 100-diameter limit, prior to jumping out-system.

ship9a.jpg (52746 bytes)
Diplomacy By Other Means
A rare picture of a Gespent in action.

HarrierDebris.jpg (140435 bytes)
Watch That Rock!
The Harrier maneuvers through a patch of asteroid debris.