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The Second Collection

zho-cr~1.jpg (46466 bytes)
First Efforts

An early concept of a Zhodani cruiser.

dv_101.jpg (17609 bytes)
The Menace From Zhodane

A major redesign makes the Zhodani cruiser look somewhat more sinister.

zhadzi~1.jpg (24417 bytes)
More of the Menace

Mike gives us another Zhodani ship design.

scout-2.jpg (50464 bytes)
Close-in Survey

No survey is complete without close-in examination - but the Scout may have "unofficial" motives, too...

bugship.jpg (42737 bytes)
The Unknown Insect

... or at least that's what this ship looks like...

gram_g~1.jpg (49724 bytes)
Tough Enough

The Gram gravitic tank can travel through the desert as easily as through less inhospitable territory.

freight.jpg (49986 bytes)
Cargo Cult

The Imperium's lifeblood is trade - so it's no wonder that ships like this freighter are virtually worshipped by some...

FusionPlus.JPG (52332 bytes)

Mike tries his hand at designing advertisements with this Zhunastu Industries plug for the technology that gave the advantage to the nascent Third Imperium