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The X-Boat

All of these pictures link to full-sized images; all are 640x480 JPEG files, except for the pictures of the pilot (all 480 or 485 high), and the labeled cutaway drawing of the full X-Boat (1024x768). You can click on the thumbnails presented here to see the full-size picture; use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

Three Different Paint Schemes
At Dock and Specifications
The Pilot
Views of the Bridge
Looking in from the viewport
Looking toward the viewport
Cutaway overview
The Quarters Deck
Cutaway overview of the entire
quarters deck
Cutaway view of the lounge
Lounge view from the entry
The Stateroom
Typical Stateroom
  Cutaway view of stateroom
showing fresher and
elevated bunk