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Take Ship II

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 bay01.jpg (32436 bytes)
Beowulf and the Bull
The bays at Aramis Down are more than big enough for both a Bull landing craft and a Beowulf Free Trader.

artemis.jpg (32445 bytes)
To Boldly Go...
The Confederation of Nightrim has its own Armed Exploratory Scout ships.
Stats by Derek Stanley

frtr2scn.jpg (14946 bytes)
Ugly is Beautiful
Few freighters are considered pretty - except by the people waiting for what's inside.
Model by Jesse DeGraff

sailship.jpg (26223 bytes)
Not One of Ours
This solar-driven ship of unknown design has been spotted in various locations in the Vanguard Reaches.

scouts06.jpg (30567 bytes)
What a View!
A pair of Type S Scout/Couriers know where to find nice scenery.

sdb01.jpg (25061 bytes)
Survival of the Fittest
And you'd better be the fittest if you want to take on a System Defense Boat.