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Goekh Engravuenda - Battle Bikes

Battle Bikes involves a large rough track, with many twists, turns, detours, and obstacles. There are 2 teams, each with 12 bikes.

The "Battle Bike" is a robust, lower tech (TL6-8), easy to maintain ground bike using a wheeled drive train. (Partly to prevent contestants from flying off the course ... intentionally that is) There is a lot of variety and customization done to the bikes.

The usage of a wheeled bike is also more favorable to crowds as they are louder, and kick up more dust. The stuns, and maneuvers just look more thrilling!

Bikes are usually colorfully painted, loud exhaust systems, noise makers, flashing lights, and little flags identifying which team they belong to.

The sport is a popular one for gambling on; however, many worlds ban the sport as well.

Two types of bikes are used.

  1. Zounngoekh - "Battle Bike Side Car". The "Leader" of the team rides in the side car. Each team has one.
  2. Goekh - "Battle Bike." Each team has 11 of these.

The Rules

  1. Bikes may not deliberately leave the course area.
  2. An unseated rider, other than the Leader, may re-mount and resume action. Action is not stopped.
  3. Bikes may not be substituted once the match starts. If a bike is rendered unusable during the course of the match, the team must continue short-handed.
  4. No weapons - save for a hand weapon permitted to the "Leader" in the side car. "Hand weapon" may not be a projectile or energy weapon, and is usually a long pipe or a club. If the weapon is lost or discarded, it may not be recovered.

Winning Conditions

Either condition leads to a win

  1. Knocking the "Leader" out of his side car - is considered an "instant win"
  2. Have the most points after 45 minutes. Points are scored by:
    • Knock an opposing rider off his  bike - 1 pt
    • Leader completes one lap of the course - 1 pt

An Adventure Idea...

"You know that Suspect, you folks are looking for? Yeah! Yeah! The scrawny grey Vargr. Well... Hate to tell ya this, but he's the top Chaser for the 'Razor Teeth' bike team... Oh... And after tonight's race, The whole team is leaving - they got some big do off system."

"These 'Razor Teeth' are supposed to run against the 'Barbed Spikes'. Well... The Spikes are a couple of riders short...."