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Beery Delights for TravCon14

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2017 issue.

Sourced especially for your delight by Breweri Georgus Wright on Jenghe1, personal fiefdom of Archduke Norris. Selected by beer aficionado and Traveller, Derrick Jones, especially for this great little convention.

Scout Brew

Scout Brew (4.8% abv) – making its first appearance at TravCon in bottles… “a premium black bitter brewed using hops transplanted from the Slovenian region of Terra, very black in appearance, with a smooth and creamy taste leaving a long malty sweetness on the palate”. Something to keep you comfortable during those long, lonely days in Jumpspace on your X-Boat. Certainly not for Navy types!

Aledon Pale

Aledon Pale
(4.3% abv) – a special variant of the ever-popular “Pipe Dream” – made only with the finest malted barley from the Aledon estates – and brewed exclusively for the Aledon family until now! This is a wonderfully rich golden Pale Ale in the style of the Terran India Pale Ales, with an initial refreshing citrus nose, subtle hints of grapefruit and lemon followed by a crisp, long, dry, hoppy, zing! More refreshing than a gallon of Zilan Eiswein!

4518th Lift Infantry Blond

4518th Lift Infantry Blond
(5.1% abv) – a magnificent Blond “lager” style of beer, made with transplanted Pilsner malts, bottom fermented, and finely balanced with our old Terran (German, Czech and Polish) hops. This flavoursome beverage is laagered for at least ninety days in cold caverns underneath our Jenghe brewery, before being bottled at source, and shipped to you to reach you in perfect condition! This lager was brewed in recognition of the fine wartime efforts of the 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment, the same ‘Duke of Regina’s Own Huscarles’ who inspire so much in our region of space. Served in every mess hall here in Regina Subsector, and increasingly further afield as Imperial Marines take news of this lovely drink home with them after serving their tour of duty. If you are a lager drinker and not too keen on ‘real ales’, this could convert you!

Editor’s Note: We inquired of Derrick via Timothy Collinson, and the George Wright Brewing Company really exists; it is a partnership between two gentlemen, Messrs Keith Wright and George Dove. The company website is at http://georgewrightbrewing.co.uk; their Twitter profile is at http://twitter.com/gwrightsbrewing. The Traveller beers discussed in this article are custom-label runs of production beers; the “Aledon Pale” is a rebadging of their “Pipe Dream”, as given; the “Scout Brew” rebadges their “Roman Black”; and the “4518th Lift Infantry Blonde” is sold publicly as “Pure Blond”.

1. Jenghe’s high nickel/iron moon crashed into the surface of the planet in 971, destroying most of the land mass and raising ocean levels considerably. The unusually strong magnetic field affects the atmosphere significantly, the peculiar climate provides very specific growing conditions which work well with more specialised barley grains used here, and the bright sunlight and frequent rains help our transplanted hops flourish on our cliff-top hop vines.