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This was originally a featured article in the November/December 2012 issue.

Yixter is a physically-addictive drug with narcotic, hallucinogenic, and stimulant properties. Onset after dosing is 2d4+2 minutes, at which time the user falls into a coma lasting 1d4-2 hours (minimum 1 hour), during which s/he will experience elaborate and realistic dreams, which seem to last for weeks. Upon awakening, it is difficult for the user to determine that some of the dreams are false. A manic period follows awakening, lasting for 1d6-2 hours (minimum 1 hour); consistent long-term users will experience the manic phase for 1d4+2 hours, and it will include psychotic episodes which become more intense and of longer duration with continued use. Permanent hospitalization for the psychosis will be required on 8+, subtract the end dm, and add dm +1 for each end (not end dm) doses ever taken. The ‘street’ price for Yixter varies based on the availability of the precursors, but is typically around Cr500 per dose. The ‘hard-core’ addict will use 2-3 doses per day, or as much as can be afforded (whichever is less). The dealer in Yixter typically pays one-third to one-half of the ‘street’ price. Yixter requires production apparatus at tl 12; such apparatus can be manufactured by anyone (or two) with plans, Mechanical-2, and Electronic-2 using Cr 1,000 worth of parts, taking about 100 man-hours in a well-appointed machine shop. Completed apparatus (400kg and 1kl) or plans cannot be purchased openly, but may be commissioned on the black market for delivery in 1d6 weeks for Cr80,000 on 8+, subtract (world law level–4, minimum 0). With an adequate supply of precursors, 1,000 to 6,000 doses of Yixter can be manufactured per week. The precursor chemicals are available at tl 10+, for Cr25 per dose, in batches of 1,000 doses or more. Tracking of apparatus components (clandestinely) and precursor chemicals occurs on separate rolls of 8+ on any world of tl 10+ and law level 5+, dm law level–5.