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Robotic Wardrobe

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the August 2011 issue of Freelance Traveller.

Eneri Uiddon Outfitters LTD, in cooperation with Naaskira, has created a robotically enhanced travel wardrobe that allows the full time traveler to carry every need with them as they move from liner to hotel and back with minimal encumbrance. The wardrobe is constructed of a hi-tech plastic core (5mm thick) with soft felt inner lining and UV protected Kevlar outer fabric with the copyrighted Eneri Uiddon pattern. The whole wardrobe is further reinforced by external aluminum corner, edge and side guards (with handles) and secured by both electronic and manual clasps. Electronic clasps can be opened via thumbprint or by a fob via a low power encrypted radio link.

The Naaskira supplied gravitics, power plant, brain and sensors are located in the back of the right side of the wardrobe (viewed when standing upright), behind the storage drawers. These are metal components. Concealed compartments are placed in such a way that the robotic components obscure stored items to metal detector and x-ray type devices. Each such compartment has its own door that appears to be part of one of the robotic components. To access a compartment, one or more of the drawers must be removed, the maintenance cover opened and then the door opened using the appropriate movement. As a further security precaution against theft, the gravitic system can be turned on in reverse mode, adding 400kg to the weight of the entire package.

The wardrobe is powered by a Type B fuel cell and provided with enough fuel for ten hours of operations. While this may seem like a short duration for a robot, the robotic components are rarely in use for more than a few minutes at a time (boarding, debarking, check into/out of a hotel, etc.). Refueling costs about Cr1 and can usually be arranged with a steward while onboard, for a nominal tip. Audio and visual sensors combined with cargo handling software allow the robot to move about and obey orders like “setup in that corner” or “follow me”. The single arm is actually the actuator that allows the wardrobe to open and close itself.

Accessories include:

W-2 Wardrobe - B110E-01-7B002-PF11 Cr23,200
Fuel=1.5; Duration=10 hours; TL=12
200/500 (mesh)
1 Light Arm (opens and closes storage area)
2 eyes, 2 ears
Cargo Handling – 1
Grav Vehicle - 1
1.8m(H) x 0.91m(W) x 0.61m(D); Mass=155kg


ROBOT DESIGN FORM URP: B110E-01-7B002-PF11 W-2 Wardrobe TL12
Description Factor Notes Power (kw) Volume (liters) Mass (kg) Price (Cr)
Chs Size B Type VI   1000 100 4000
Configuration 1 Box/Wedge        
Armor 0          
Power Plant   Fuel Cell 20 -30 35 800
Batteries 0          
Loco Transmission            
Suspension E HV Grav Module -8 -20 12 10000
App Head 0          
Arm 1 Light -2   5 500
SDW Visual Sensor     -0.5   0.5 100
Audio Sensor     -1   0.5 50
  CPU Storage            
Software Logic 2 10 0 Low Data       400
Command 1 1 0 Limited Basic       500
Cargo Handling 2             200
Grav Vehicle 2             400
Brain CPU Linear 7         -1.4 0.7 3500
CPU Parallel                
CPU Synaptic                
Storage   11     -1 -5.5 1.1 2750
Fuel   Dur: 10 hours   -1.5 0.11 0
Total     7.5 941.6 154.91 23200
Legend: Chs - Chassis, Loco - Locomotion, App - Appendages, SDW - Sensors, Devices, Weapons