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War Chariot (TL1)

This article originally appeared in the August 2012 issue of Freelance Traveller.

CraftID: War Chariot, TL1, Cr 75.06
Hull: 1/1, Disp=0.25, Conf=4USL Open, Armour=0W, Unloaded=0.105 tons, Loaded=2.467 tons
Power: External=0.00149 Mw
Loco: 1/2, Simple Wheels x2, P/W=0.6, Road=10 kph*, Offroad=1.5 kph*
Comm: -
Sensors: -
Off: Wheel Sword Blades x2
Def: -
Control: Direct
Accom: Crew=1 (Driver), Passenger=1
Other: Cargo=2.362 klitres*, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=None
Comment: not intended to carry cargo; designed to run at full gallop (Road=56 kph, Offroad=16.6 kph) for extended periods.

This TL1 wooden, livestock drawn, war chariot can be found on almost any low tech planet. The hull is 3cm thick wood interlaced with hide in an open configuration with 50% of the vehicle open to the rear, front and top allowing the driver and passenger to step into the chariot from the rear. The driver uses direct controls to the livestock, reins, while standing, and the passenger is expected to stand. There is no break or any accommodation for cargo. Theoretically the platform where the driver and passenger stand could conceivably carry cargo, however it is not intended to.

The suspension is an integral part of the vehicle and is of sophisticated hide design directly holding the platform, giving a relatively comfortable ride and relatively steady firing platform. The chariot is designed to be raced at the enemy where the curved sword blades mounted on the wheels are a deterrent to directly attacking the chariot. The passenger will usually throw missiles (spears or javelins) at the enemy before dismounting, while the chariot is at speed, and then engage as infantry. Collection of the passenger during battle is also undertaken while the chariot is moving. The vehicle is designed to be pulled at full gallop (56kps) for extended periods of time.

The chariot is drawn by two animals; in the above case the external power source was calculated using the standard Terran horse thus producing 2hp. The livestock are arranged side by side each with direct reins to each.