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Strasser-class TL5 Rigid Airship

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue.

The Strasser is representative of the airships once used in war on Terra. They initially had several advantages over aircraft of the period: Their range, their payload capacity, and most importantly they were able to operate at altitudes that keep them safe from ground fire and enemy aircraft. However, with time, aircraft were designed that were able to reach to higher altitudes faster, allowing them to exploit the airships’ biggest weakness, the inflammable hydrogen use to lift the airships.

A cargo version useful in remote operations such as mining and transport of lightweight, high value cargo and medical equipment is available at no extra cost. Bomb bays are replaced with same-size cargo bays with electric cargo doors. Additional drop-down jump seats come stock/standard with the cargo bays to allow transportation of personnel if required, but only at the weight-for-weight expense of less cargo.

The class is named after Peter Strasser, who commanded the German navy’s airship program during the First World War. In August 1918 Strasser was killed along with the crew of L-70 in what would be the last raid against England of the war.

This vehicle was designed using the Playtest version of Fire, Fusion, and Steel for Marc Miller’s Traveller (T4).


Dimensions: 165m length, 19.1m diameter
Tech Level: 5
Total Volume: 44,050m3
Total Mass/Useful Lift: 49,720/25,000kg
Engines: 49.56KN TL-5 Propeller+
Max Speed: 96kph
Fuel Cap: 13,078kg/14.531m3 Hydrocarbon distillates
Endurance: 53.3hours, 246kg/hour
Accom: Life support (Basic II), 11 Crew (pilot, copilot, navigator, bombardier (or loadmaster in cargo version), 4 gunners, 2 flight engineers, radio operator)
Cruise Speed: 72kph
Electronics: TL-5 50km Radio, TL-5 Avionics (Gyrocompass, barometric altimeter)
Weapons: 4 Machineguns (Medium-5 from Central Supply Catalog w/6 reloads each); Bomb payload 3,000kg if Bomber version is purchased
Cargo: Bomber version=none. Cargo Version=3,000kg.
Cost: 2.85MCr
Oper Skill: Airship
Ease of Use: +2
Quality: 5
Reliability: +1
Hazard: 0
Comments: Cargo loadmaster may be omitted if double-skilling another crew member, freeing add’l cargo weight. If Helium used instead of Hydrogen, Useful Lift=21,464kg, payload reduced to 2,500kg, fuel usage reduced to 211kg/hour.