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TL1 Stage Coach

CraftID: Stage Coach, TL1, Cr 389
Hull:    1/1, Disp=0.5, Conf=4USL, Armour=0W
         Unloaded=0.2 tons, Loaded=0.75 tons
Power:   External=0.00298 Mw
Loco:    1/2, Simple Wheels x4, Outboard Suspension,
         P/W=3.13, Road=26 kph, Offroad=3.9 kph
Comm:    -
Sensors: -
Off:     Hardpoints=1
Def:     -
Control: Direct
Accom:   Crew=1  (Driver), Seat=Bench x2 inside
         (6 sophants), x1 outside (2 sophants)
Other:   Cargo=0.75 klitres, ObjSize=Small,

This TL1 wooden, livestock drawn, stage coach is a swift passenger/mail delivery vehicle that can be found on almost any low tech planet. The hull is 2cm thick wood covering the whole vehicle offering weather protection to the passengers inside. The driver sits on the outside bench on top of the main body of the coach using direct controls to the livestock, reins, and a direct lever action foot break that can be applied to the on-side front wheel. On mail runs, drivers are normally accompanied by an armed guard sitting next to them to protect the mail. There is a small luggage compartment at the rear of the vehicle; however, additional cargo can be strapped to the roof if necessary.

The stage coach is drawn by 4 animals. The external power source was calculated using the standard Terran horse thus producing 4hp. The speed of the vehicle varies considerably depending on road conditions, and while theoretically can be driven at full gallop, approximately 56kph, the wheels are likely to disintegrate at these speeds. The transmission for the stage coach (the “harness”), is external to the vehicle itself and attached to the animals that are positioned in a 22 formation. The suspension is also external to the vehicle. The harness can be removed from the stage coach and broken down into its individual wooden, metal and leather parts to a much smaller volume for storage as needed.