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Murphy-class Police Grav Bike

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in Freelance Travellers June 2011 issue.

The Murphy-class Police Grav Bike is produced by Christchurch Corporation on Home, and was designed specifically for the Home Police force. The two radios and computers combined with the head up display allow a significant amount of information to be displayed on the bike’s windscreen for the driver as well as to be transmitted in real time back to HQ while still allowing the driver to communicate with colleagues.

The high performance combined with the inertial compensation means that the police can perform impressive driving manoeuvres while in pursuit of suspects or criminals.

CraftID:   Murphy Class Grav Bike, TL10, Cr 339,534
Hull:      1/1, Disp=0.25, Conf=4SL, Armor=4E
            Loaded=2.196 tons, Unloaded=1.637 tons
Power:     1/2, Fuel Cell x3=0.27 Mw, Duration=8/24
Loco:      1/2, Low Pw Hi Grav=4 tons, MaxAcel=1.82 G
            NOE=140 kph, Cruise=750 kph, Top=1000 kph,
Comm:      Radio=Regional  (500 km) x2
Sensors:   Headlights x2, Video Recorder x2,
            Act EMS=Dist (5 km), Pass EMS=VDist (50 km),
            ActObjScan=Form, PassObjScan=Form, ActObjPin=Form
                           Pen/      Max    Auto Dngr
                      Ammo Attn Dmg  Range   Tgts Spc  Sig  ROF
  7mm Gatling Gun-8  5,000           Dist(5)  0    0    M  1500

Def:       +2
Control:   Comp=0 x2, HUD
Accom:     Crew=1 (Driver), Seats=Cramped x2, Inertial Compensators
Other:     Fuel=0.2304 kl, Cargo=0.559 kl, ObjSize=Small,