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Luderitz-class Undersea Mining Trawler

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue.


CraftID: Luderitz-class Mining Trawler, TL10, Cr19,366,337
Hull: 450/1125, Disp=500, Config=4USL, Armour=40E, Unloaded=2689.522 tons, Loaded=7408.408 tons
Power: 1/2, Fusion=40 Mw, Duration=120/360, P/W=5.4
Loco: 9/18, Tracks, Road=65kph, Offroad=6.5 kph
Comm: Radio=System×2, Laser=System×1
Sensors: ActEMS=Region, PasEMS=Cont, Mag=VDist×2, Rad=VDist×2, Environ×2; ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff, PasEngScan=Form
Def: DefDM=+1
Control: Computer=0bis×2, Panel=DynLink×16, Environ=BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtLS, Spec=HUD×4
Accom: Crew=4, (Bridge=2, Engineer=1, Steward=1), Small Staterooms=50, Seats=Adequate×10, Airlock×2, Magazine=10 Battery Rounds Missile
Other: Cargo=4712.838 kl, Fuel=86.4 kl, Heavy Robot Arms×2, Fuel Purification Plant (purifies tanks in 1.8989 hrs), Ore Processing Plant (45.5 kl/hour), ObjSize=Average, Fuel Scoops (fill tanks in 59 minutes), EmLevel=Faint, Battery Round=1 Missile
Comment: Single Turret Missile Construction Time=96 weeks single, 72 weeks multiple

The Luderitz-class Undersea Mining Trawler is collaborative project between Walisak LCC and Gosery LCC following a tender specification for a long duration underwater mining platform from Luderitz HLC. Walisak led the bid, bringing in Gosery for the specialist vehicle aspects of the design. It was the innovative design around a starship hull with specialised vehicular adaptations that drew Luderitz to choose this as the winning bid.

While the Luderitz is rated with a 120 day duration its effective duration is unlimited. Sea water can be scooped and purified with the onboard equipment quicker than it can be used by the power plant. The resulting oxygen generated is also used in preference to purchased life-support consumables, as is the desalinated water that is also produced. The limiting factor on the Luderitz’s duration is the food supply of the crew.

The main purpose of the design is underwater ore and mineral extraction and processing from the oceans of Home. The four-person crew moves the trawler to known mineral and ore deposits before the 46 miners mine and processing their finds, all the while scanning the sea bed for additional resources to exploit. Captains of Luderitzes have also been known to produce and package sea salt from the desalinisation process when the trawler is moving between locations, or when they are stationary for a significant period of time and they are receiving regular supply runs, in order to increase profits or offset the running costs when not mining. This can be done when there are no miners on board and the steward has little else to occupy his time.

The single missile turret is used as an underwater probe launcher, although it is not unknown for the odd standard HE missile to be in the magazine for defence, or breaking into a significant deposit of ore as needed. Underwater probes are sent out to gain a different perspective on possible ore and mineral deposits than the sensors of the trawler.

Four Luderitz-class Undersea Mining Trawlers have been constructed to date, and there are an additional 6 on the order books. At present Luderitz HLC has not invoked its option to have the remaining vessels built in parallel.