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Holmes-class Air/Raft

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue.


CraftID: Holmes-class Air/Raft, TL9, Cr 17,965
Hull: 1/2, Disp=1, Conf=4USL Open, Armor=1B, Loaded=5.9663 tons, Unloaded=1.6987 tons
Power: 1/2, MHD Turbine=0.885 Mw, Duration=5/15
Loco: 1/2, Standard Grav=7 ton, MaxAcel=1.134 G, NOE=40 kph, Cruise=225 kph, Top=300 kph,
Comm: Radio=Regional
Sensors: Radar=Distant, Headlights×2
Off: Hardpoints=1
Def: +2
Control: Panel=Electronic×2
Accom: Crew=1 (Driver), Seats=Cramped×4, Open Topped
Other: Fuel=2.7936 kliters, Cargo=1.294 kliters, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Faint

The Holmes is the first Air/Raft offering from Inness Corporation from Pawel in the Home system. While the technology used is mature by Home standards the revelation is the use of a hydrocarbon turbine for the power source only made affordable due to the increased provision of biodiesel from New Home. While the fuel may be moderately expensive the cost of the Holmes is not.

Inness targets the Holmes at the family market where the freedom of an air/raft license gives the ability to travel around Home as needed, visiting relatives, going on holiday, or the daily commute.

Inness offer a no-frills version of the Holmes without the radio or the radar for Cr 16,265.